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Adoption Information

Fees: Our adoption fee for dogs is $175 (as of 7/5/2022) and for cats, $125. The fee includes vaccinations and any other needed veterinary care, spay/neuter, and microchip.

Our Adoption Selection Process (PDF Format: 33K)   Updated December 15, 2018

General guidelines we follow in placing our animals

Please read this information if you have questions as to why we require that our adopters agree not to declaw our cats.

Adoption Application Forms --

Online dog application form to be submitted immediately Updated July 5, 2022

Online cat application form to be submitted immediately Updated March 12, 2018

Printable DOG application form in PDF Format (47K) Updated July 4, 2022
Printable CAT application form in PDF Format (40K) Updated March 12, 2018

Adoption contract, to be signed in duplicate when the adoption is finalized (PDF Format: 48K) Updated January 4, 2017

To make contact email1.gif email SARG

or call

865/483-8146 (9 am - 7 pm, please)

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Shelter Animals Rescue Group


It is the goal of Shelter Animals Rescue Group (SARG) to place homeless animals in new homes as an alternative to destroying them. These animals may have been abused or neglected. Therefore, SARG has certain standards for the good of the adopters and the animals. Please consider the following points:
  1. Animals will be placed with responsible adults to be kept as household pets. Animals will not be used as guard dogs or hunting dogs.

  2. No animal will be placed as a surprise gift.

  3. SARG reserves the right to verify the information provided by an applicant and to deny an animal to an applicant who provides false information to SARG

  4. No animal will be placed without adequate provisions for exercise appropriate to the size and breed of the animal.

  5. All family members, including children, are encouraged to participate in the decision to acquire a pet.

  6. Puppies and kittens must be six (6) months of age or older if the home has children under six (6) years of age.

  7. SARG reserves the right to deny any application we consider unsatisfactory. This is not to reflect on the applicant, but means simply that this pet would not do well under the conditions that the applicant has to offer. We feel our experience in this area must be our guide to a successful adoption.

  8. SARG reserves the right to revoke the placement of any animal upon showing that the adoptive family has not complied with any of the Terms and Conditions of the contract. If, as an adopter, you are at any time unable to care for the animal, please call SARG at (865)483-8146. We need at least one week's notice to prepare for return of the animal.
Pet ownership is a lifetime commitment. Do the animal and yourself a favor and consider the following before you adopt: your lifestyle, the animal's special needs, housing requirements, and potential size.

To make contact email1.gif email SARG

or call

865/483-8146 (9 am - 7 pm, please)

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Rev. 11/23/2015