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Oak Ridge, TN
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Breed Rescue & SARG

Formed in January 1996, Shelter Animals Rescue Group(a 501(C)3 organization) is dedicated and committed to giving animals from the Oak Ridge Animal Shelter a second chance at life. While cats and mixed-breed dogs accepted into the program are held until a good home is found, SARG also networks with breed rescue clubs to move the purebred dogs into their rescue programs. When a pure-bred is found at the Shelter, SARG volunteers first decide if the dog is suitable for adoption. Shelter personnel are asked for any history they have on the animal, or any evidence of behavioral or temperament problems they have noted. If the dog is an owner release, SARG contacts the relinquishing family for health records, problems etc.

If the animal is recommended for adoption, SARG tries to notify known local breed contacts. If none are available, then the National Breed Rescue Coordinator is contacted. If a rescue club or individual agrees to rescue the dog, this is handled in one of two ways:

(a) As a referral -- SARG notifies the shelter that a representative of the breed club will collect the dog. If action is taken this way there is no charge to the rescue club, except a minimum spay/neuter charge.

(b) As a rescue -- SARG makes a commitment to the rescue club that SARG will handle the rescue, and that the club will reimburse SARG for medical expenses if less than the regular dog adoption fee of $145.00. If medical expenses exceed this amount, the rescue club pays $145 and SARG bears the loss. Medical expenses cover annual vaccinations DHLPP/Bordetella & rabies; heartworm check (Occult) and a spay or neuter if necessary. SARG does not pay for heartworm treatment. If this is necessary, then it is a decision the breed club will have to make.

SARG will also try to help with transportation, either financially or by networking rides.

To make contact email1.gif email SARG

or call

865/483-8146 (9 am - 7 pm, please)

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