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Oak Ridge, TN
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Cats Available for Adoption

The Comics Kittens

SARG received five kittens within 48 hours -- two pairs of siblings and a single. All were rescued by friends of SARG. As a theme, we're calling them the Comics Kittens -- names chosen from either Marvel Comics (Mystique, Freya, Thor) or DC Comics (The Flash and Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman). Any one of these little treasures would make a great addition to your family. All are friendly, happy, sweet little kittens. As we learn more about each one, we'll update their information on this site.


Freya and Flash are 16-week-old siblings (as of 7/19/18) from Morgan County -- their other sibling was killed by a predator. Flash is a flashy black boy with a white star on his chest--a very friendly boy who wants to be held. (We'll have a photo of him in a day or two.) Freya is a striking white girl with one blue eye and one amber eye. As is true of about half the cats with this color combination, she appears deaf. But she's a real little lover as well as gorgeous -- and she loves to pose for the camera!


Thor Diana Prince

Thor and Diana are 6-week-old siblings (as of 7/19/18) from rural Knox County. Thor is a cuddly little boy who just wants to be held and loved. Diana is a striking dilute calico with unusual markings. She's independent, but loves cuddling with people or siblings.


Mystique is a 5-week-old Russian blue mix from rural Knox County. Such a tiny bundle of lovable fur! She loves to be held and is a real beauty. She spends her time cuddling with Thor and Diana.

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Elsa is about 5 months old and was a stray found in Oak Ridge. We know that her mom was a Siamese, so she is a Siamese mix. She is great with dogs (see her gallery), friendly, and doesn't mind being held. Her foster family's pit bull mix, Zoe, has claimed her as her own.
Another photo of Elsa.


Baxter is a handsome, declawed, ginger Maine coon who loves being petted. He is 8 years old, super friendly, and wants to be around people. He is ok with other cats and previously lived in a home with small children and a dog. During the routine vet check, it was discovered that he is diabetic. He is now on a special diet and gets an insulin shot twice a day. His foster mom reports that giving him the shot is easy. It's much easier that giving a pill to a cat. He gets the shot in the scruff of his neck while he's eating. He doesn't even flinch.
More photos of Baxter.


Meet Echo! The video below shows his long journey from a very, very sick, stray kitty to his current happy and healthy state in his foster home. We'll have more details about him soon.
More photos of Echo.
Video of Echo.


My name is Binx. I'm a big, loving, short-haired tabby boy, approximately 8 years old and weighing 15 pounds. I'm affectionate--I love to be petted and kissed on the head, and I enjoy spending time with my human peeps! I'm a talker and absolutely love playing in a water fountain. I love looking out the window where there are so many fascinating things to see! I prefer a home with no other kitties. I get more attention that way!

My foster says: Once we had a plastic strap from a box--he played with that thing FOREVER and carried it around in his mouth and to his room. It was hilarious. He is skittish and sudden moves freak him out a bit. Once you earn his trust, he follows you around A LOT. He constantly wants to be in the same room I'm in. He's VERY loving. All he wants is for you to pay attention to him and pet him A LOT. He is VERY vocal. He's funny. He'll bite at the water coming out of the water fountain and absolutely LOVES treats. He'll stand up on his hind legs for them and meows for them too. He does take treats from your hand gently. We believe someone has abused him. If you're carrying anything in your hands and walking toward him, he becomes uneasy. If he gets scared for any reason he'll run under the bed and hide until he feels safe again.
More photos of Binx.


Leo or Liquid Kitty, as we love to call him, is a 2-year-old, long-haired tuxedo with a ragdoll personality. He loves to be held and cuddled and melts into you when you pick him up! Leo sleeps next to his foster every night. He purrs at the touch of a hand and sits in your lap while you watch TV or work on the computer. Also, Leo likes to be brushed, which is a plus for a long-haired kitty. He would be the perfect companion for someone looking for a lap kitty.
More photos of Leo.


Ebony is a very sweet, short-haired black cat. She is a one-year-old polydactyl with a stub tail (possible Manx mix?). Polydactyl cats have been popular among sailors as ship's cats and are thought to bring good luck at sea. They are also known as Hemingway's cats since he became fascinated with them after being given one by a ship captain. He named her Snow White and she had numerous kittens, about half of which were polydactyl. As Hemingway wrote in a letter, "One cat just leads to another." Even if you are not a sailor or a famous author, Ebony could still be the cat for you.
More photos of Ebony.
Video of Ebony chasing a laser dot.


Gentle, sweet-natured Bonnie has been nurtured and treasured by her senior companion for this kitty's whole life. Bonnie has lived with her elderly companion in a nursing home for a couple of years, but sadly, her companion is struggling with dementia and is no longer able to provide the care that Bonnie needs. This middle-aged kitty (age 10) loves to snuggle in her hand-crocheted blanket made by her owner. Although Bonnie would probably be happiest as an only pet, she can learn to adapt to dogs -- even large ones, particiularly when they are older, quiet dogs. Bonnie is a beautiful, sweet kitty looking for a new family and a new home. She'll reward you with snuggles, gratitude, and love.
More photos of Bonnie.


Luna is a pretty, black kitty with striking white whiskers and eyebrows. She is almost 2 years old as of February 1, 2017. She prefers a quiet household without dogs or young children for her forever home, although she does well with the other cats in her foster home. Her foster mom has decided that Luna would be a great companion for a person who is a night-owl; she is at her friendliest late at night and comes to be petted and share the couch.
More photos of Luna.
Video of Luna.


If you want a cat with loads of personality, then Heidi is the cat for you. She loves to play -- especially if it involves chasing around the room with a sock (who needs expensive cat toys?), but she also loves to snuggle in bed with you at night. Heidi likes to help you with the computer, and she often adds to your emails with her own original compositions when she walks across the keyboard. Heidi is fine with other cats and is ok with dogs, but would probably do better in a dog-free house. She is great about using the litter box. As you can see from the photos, Heidi has beautiful white and orange coloring, riveting green eyes, and a very unusual tail which lies almost flat across her back -- adding to her adorable quirkiness. Heidi is probably not the cat for you if you are bothered by loud purring, which she will do whenever you give her some attention. Please help her find the forever home she is waiting for.
More photos of Heidi.


Rosemary is about 1½ years old. If you've ever had a calico, you understand Rosemary's temperament. The vet calls her "saucy." She loves being around people. She is not a lap cat but loves to hang out with you wherever you are. Whether you are working on the computer or sitting on the couch reading a book, Rosemary is sure to be there sitting next to you. She really loves attention and would do well in a home where she would get a lot of human interaction. We think she is part Norwegian forest cat. The cold weather is no deterrent to her spending time on the screened-in porch.
More photos of Rosemary.


Amber is a black, spayed female with big amber eyes -- hence her name. She is a kitty with "attitude," who likes to be in charge. She's being fostered in a home with two male cats, and she pretty much rules the household. She had been abandoned by her owner, who left her in an apartment. She lived with a dog in that household, and had no problems with a large dog. Amber loves to play, both with toys and with the other cats. She doesn't like change; a new owner will need to give her a week or so to adjust to new surroundings. But once she is comfortable, she's a loving, delightful companion.
More photos of Amber.


My name is Carter and I'm a beautiful light orange tabby with pale green eyes. I have very soft, silky fur and love being petted. I'm about 2 years old and weigh about 12 pounds. I'm a very confident, social and loving boy. You know I'm happy and in love when you hear me purr! Toys are great fun and I love those little squiggly plastic cat toys! My potty manners are excellent! I live in a foster home with six other cats and 3 German shepherds. I have adjusted very well to being an indoor cat. My foster mom has a sun porch that I can access from inside the house and I've gotten quite skilled at using the cat door. I love watching birds from the window and snoozing on the cat tree. I love to play and would be happier with another cat to play with. My foster mom keeps a bowl of fresh water in the bathtub, and I love to get fresh water there every morning. It is so much better than drinking out the same water bowl as the dogs.
More photos of Carter.
Video of Carter playing with Morris.


Noelle is a gorgeous, long-haired three-year-old cat with mesmerizing green eyes, a soft silvery coat, and a beautiful fluffy tail. When she first came to SARG she was a little nervous around people, but time and some loving attention have completely transformed her into an affectionate, sweet companion. She does fine with other cats and dogs, although she might do best with older children. Noelle is completely litter-box trained, and she even helps her foster mom when her mom writes on the computer! Won't you be the person to give this lovely cat the forever home she deserves?
More photos of Noelle.


Morris is a male orange-swirl tabby, and possibly a Manx mix, since his tail is only about 2 inches long. He is about 4 years old and was a stray in the Wear's Valley area who wanted to come inside. Morris does love to play with string, laser and toys; really loves catnip on his scratch box and toys. He was quite a wild child when he came to his foster home, but has calmed down and gets along pretty well with the other cats. He does fine with the dogs in the home -- two very large German shepherds. He does not like to be picked up, but does sleep on the bed and will cuddle. He likes to lie on a person, especially early in the morning. He loves being petted and does get in laps, but is a work-in-progress on becoming a true lap cat. He loves the cat tree on the sun porch and talks to the birds outside. He's a striking boy with his classic swirl tabby pattern in dark red-orange and his half-length tail.
More photos of Morris.
Video of Carter playing with Morris.


Godiva is a very loving cat who loves to come and see what you are doing. She is 3½ years old as of January, 2017. She enjoys being petted, especially when you are reading or lying down. Godiva also loves to play with anything that has a bell or a feather. She will jump for the toys and come running when she hears the bell. She likes to be active and is naturally curious. Godiva has moved to Louisville, KY, with her foster mom. She is still available for adoption through SARG as always, but we can arrange a meeting with her foster mom in Louisville.
See more pictures of Godiva.

Happy Tails -- Cats Adopted or Pending


Mack is a medium-haired, smoke tabby baby boy, 7 weeks old as of 6/26/18. He plays gently, according to his foster mom -- no teeth or claws -- and he likes to play with pine cones and be with people. He likes other kitties and is not afraid of storms. He is sure to bring loads of fun into someone's home!
More photos of Mack.


Wall-e is the class clown. He is a 2-year-old, medium-haired grey tabby with a huge plumed tail! We believe he is very hard of hearing. But what he lacks in hearing he makes up for in personality. Since he doesn't hear the vacuum, he loves to chase it and also be vacuumed by it! His foster mom often comes into the kitchen to find Wall-e lying on his back with his feet sprawled out behind him -- affectionately she calls him "dead kitty" -- but he is just asking for a belly rub! Wall-e loves attention and will follow you all around the house. He gets along well with other cats, and dogs don't bother him a bit. In fact, Wall-e loves dogs and barking doesn't bother him at all. If you are looking for a kitty that will make you laugh, look no further, Wall-e is the kitty for you!
More photos of Wall-e.
Video of Wall-e.


Lady Violet
Lady Violet, the Meow-ager Countess, is a sophisticated 4 year old cat seeking permanent residence at a loving home. Her qualifications include a calm personality, a snuggly disposition, and a love of her cat and dog foster siblings. If you are looking for a sweet cuddly companion with beautiful green eyes, inquire about Lady Violet today!
More photos of Lady Violet.


Eddie is 6 weeks old as of 5/13/18, male, friendly, and lively. He has extra toes -- a polydactyl or Hemingway cat -- so his feet look huge!
More photos of Eddie.


Grace, aka Dusty, is such a sweet little black tortoiseshell Persian girl. She has the most striking copper eyes her foster mom has ever seen -- and cute, curly whiskers. Grace is 10 years old and came from a loving home, but her owner passed away and she is now looking for another family to give her a home. She has all her vet records and is in great health. Grace loves to cuddle, especially at night. She isn't bothered by the foster's big dog and doesn't mind other cats either. She is a very easy-going girl who would fit perfectly into any loving home.
More photos of Grace.


Bravo is a silver and cream swirl tabby. He is 5 months old and has had some interesting experiences in his young life. Bravo went to a cat show for agility! Yes, cats do agility too. Bravo was a natural. He placed 4th with a time of 28.85seconds! You can see his video on YouTube!! He had so much fun running around that course it was crazy. He is now registered with the CFA (Cat Fanciers' Association) and whenever he enters another competition he will continue to accrue points towards higher and higher levels. Bravo lives in a foster home with 2 other kitties and a big dog! He cuddles every night with the teenage girl. Bravo is looking for a comfortable lap to snuggle in a and a string toy someone will wiggle for him to chase. Maybe you might even want to show him in agility! Such fun.
More photos of Bravo.
Video of Bravo in his agility competition.


Looking for a stunning beauty of a cat? Picasso has fur so white it almost looks lavender and he has brilliant copper eyes -- very unusual in a cat. His long tail with the question mark at the end and the shape of his head indicate that he has Siamese or another Oriental breed as part of his lineage. He's about three years old, gets along well with other cats, with children, and was with dogs when he was a kitten. Picasso LOVEs to play, and doesn't mind playing with toys by himself -- he's got energy to burn and just wants to run it off. If you want a smart, active, loving boy, Picasso could be your new kitty. After he gets used to new places, he hangs around the family, waiting to be part of all the action. He has another plus: he's deaf -- he won't hear the loud TV or the kids shouting. He's just serene through all of it.
More photos of Picasso.


Hi, my name is Domino. I'm a little 4-month-old Siamese mix all dressed up in my black and white tuxedo and half-mustache! I've been told that I have lots of energy, and while I don't know about that, I can tell you that not a ball will roll by without a good old pouncing from me! But I also love to cuddle up at night. Right now, I sleep with my foster teenager. I love to play as much as cuddle! I also live with a couple other foster kitties and a giant dog! Golly, he is huge! Luckily for me, he seems to like us cats. As you can tell, I like to talk! (and purr! Purring's my favorite!) I will be the first one to greet you at the door when you come home -- purr, and I love to greet people who ring the doorbell. That's a really great sound, and you never know, maybe they will pet me? (purr-purr) I just love to tell everyone about my adventures. Like the one time I almost fell off the stairs! Well, the ball was going to escape and I had to make sure it didn't. So, what did they expect me to do? I leapt and almost leapt right down the entire flight of stairs! Well I'll have to be a little more careful next time. Are you looking for a kitty like me? I will love you forever! Purr.
More photos of Domino.
Video of Domino.

Hansel Gretel

Once upon a time, there lived 2 baby kittens. Hansel, an orange/buff medium-haired little man, and his sister Gretel, a medium-haired muted tortie. They had a rough start and became lost in the woods without any bread crumbs to find their way home at the young age of 5-7 weeks. Without bread crumbs for food or guidance, they both became extremely malnourished. Little Hansel weighed only 4 ounces and even lost the use of his back legs. Gretel was in much better shape at 1.25 pounds. Luckily, with her loving encouragement and determination, after a while they happened upon a mysterious house filled with treats in the middle of the woods. This house of treats wasn't occupied by a bad witch, but a good witch and her husband. Their hosts knew how dire the situation was, and they did everything within their magical powers to bring Hansel and his sister back to health. Little Gretel bounced back quickly with lots of snacks and meals. Little Hansel needed much more hands-on care. He almost didn't pull through, but the couple was able to bring him very slowly back to health with luck and with his sister's loving support. Soon he was regaining the use of his tiny back legs. After a while, the two kittens were finally able to meet the rest of the house's furry members. The home was filled with 8 other kitties of all ages. The oldest, gentlest, and wisest kitty had been able to join them sooner than the rest, and he taught them all about kitty ways. The home also had 3 large, scary beasts they called dogs. After a while the kittens learned to trust these rowdy big protectors, brother much sooner than sister. Hansel now has full use of his back legs. He is daring and adventurous, with the heart of a lion. Gretel has a strong personality and keeps her brother in line. She is more cautious, but she warms up quickly to new friends and situations. They are about 7 months old as of December 2017, and they are now looking for their happy ending and a new, treat-filled forever home. They can be adopted as a pair or individually, but they would love to stay together. Both are up to date on all shots, altered, microchipped, and fully vetted.
More pictures of Hansel.
More pictures of Gretel.
Hansel and Gretel stretching their legs for the first time (Video)
Joining the household and discovering the fishies (Video)
Wrestling! (Video)


Molly Brown
Molly Brown was adopted as soon as she came to us!


Katie is a 9-year-old calico kitty who is declawed on her front paws. Unlike some calicos, who can have a bit of an attitude, Katie is very sweet and affectionate and loves to be petted and held. She weighs a bit over 9 pounds and has a very soft, strikingly colorful coat. She probably would be most happy as an only kitty.
More photos of Katie.


"Do you believe in love at first sight? You've only seen my photo, and I'm already convinced that you will love me! My name is Isabella, and I'm a 9 years young Maine coon mix. I enjoy long toy chases through the living room and moonlit naps in my cat tree. I have dog and cat foster siblings with whom I love to nap. Nothing scares me, and I am friendly to every new person I meet. You should be warned, I am an extreme marathon snuggler! My foster mom says that I sometimes act more like a dog than a cat because I love to be around her all the time. I follow her while she cooks and cleans and sit with her any time I get the chance! So what do you think? Will you give me a chance to be your forever kitty?"
More photos of Isabella.

Other Adoptables

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***"Other Adoptables" (when listed) are NOT in the SARG program, but they still need love and a forever home. Please contact the owners directly by clicking on the link. Please do not contact SARG. SARG offers no guarantee in any way related to any non-SARG animal -- the rescues, shelters, or owners involved provide their own descriptions, terms, and guarantees.

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