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Oak Ridge, TN
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Cats Available for Adoption

Meet two special SARG kitties who each need a long-term foster home. A permanent foster provides love and food and litter and care. SARG provides for the medical needs. (...See more adoptable cats following these two ...)


Little Bean
Little Bean is about 6 years old. He returned to SARG after being in a one-kitty home for most of his life. Little Bean needs an adult home where he's the "one and only." He's not a fan of other cats or of dogs. He loves to cuddle and be a kitty friend, but he also likes his alone time. Little Bean has arthritis in both hips and takes a supplement for that condition, but it's easy to administer -- just put it on his food and he eats it right up. Little Bean would do well in a home where people are gone a lot of the day, so he has private time. And he loves to play!
More photos of Little Bean.


Belle is about 16 years old. She was originally a SARG kitty, adopted by an older lady who now can no longer care for Belle. So Belle came back to us, as do all SARG kitties that can no longer be cared for by their adopters. Belle loves to be around people. For a short time, she was in a Humane Society in Jefferson County where she had the run of the place -- other cats were in cages. Belle was a greeter, sitting on the couch. She would probably work best in a home where she's the only pet, but she can tolerate other four-legged critters if they leave her alone. Belle has hyperthyroidism and needs daily medication, but the vets tell us she's good about taking it.
More photos of Belle.

Please help us find long-term foster homes for Belle and Little Bean!


Braveheart was born on or around March 23 and was found in a garbage can. His mother didn't come back. He was fortunately discovered, taken to the shelter and was able to be fostered by a mother with a litter perhaps a little younger than himself. When he came to his foster he was shy, hid and did not purr. He was very close to his adopted brother Tate. They were weaned, but had to learn how get on solids. His foster mom taught him how to eat bites from her hand. In 3 days, he learned to purr. Now, in addition to his normal healthy kitten energy of exploration and athleticism, he follows her all over the house, and any time she sits down, comes up to talk (he has the cutest little voice) and to cuddle. He lives up to his name. He's also called Ravi for short. His foster says, he may have been born in a garbage can, but he's destined for the Taj Mahal, a temple that was built on undying love.

Braveheart is being raised with his adopted brother and with two Papillon dogs, whom he would just love to sleep next to if they would only allow it.
More photos of Braveheart.


Little Man Tate is a little fellow, hence his name. He is the cuddliest, floppiest, most relaxed wanna be in your lap little dude! He and Braveheart, his adopted brotherfrom another mother, are best friends. If you see the photos, they are draped over each other all of the time. He follows his foster mother around the house, and he's a little bit of a talker. He has now gotten to the point where he's becoming much more athletic, and he and his brother like to wrestle. His brother, who's a little bit older, seems to win more often but he's pretty good at setting boundaries. As soon as his foster mother sits down he comes up to get in her lap. He would also love to sleep in the bed with his new family. He is being raised with his adoptive brother, Braveheart, and two papillons, whom he is not afraid of at all. He's a wonderful lap cat and entertainer.
More photos of Little Man Tate.
A video of Little Man Tate getting petted and purring.


Franklin came to us after being abandoned on the street and surviving on his own for a few years while being watched over by neighbors. During this time it's clear he experienced many injuries, resulting in his signature crumpled ear, though he doesn't seem to feel any pain in his ear now. When he came to us, he had issues walking properly on his back legs and showed signs of pain if his butt or tail were touched too much. Despite this rough period for him, and his obvious pain, he was immediately one of the most cuddly cats his foster mom has ever met. He wants nothing more than to hang out with his humans on their lap or peer out the window thoughtfully, but he's also happy to chill out alone when you're gone. He is very inquisitive and curious and likes to hang out and watch what you're doing. Though occasionally playful, he's not the kind of cat you need to buy a lot of toys for. A warm bed or lap, and some tasty food, is about all it takes to make him happy. Seeing him slowly open up and get comfortable in a house has been absolutely heartwarming after knowing everything he experienced.

Laser therapy on his back legs has drastically improved his strength and mobility, and seems to have decreased or even eliminated his pain in his back limbs, so he is now able to jump and tolerates having his back and butt brushed very well. He would likely do better in a quieter home and seems to be scared of dogs, likely due to his time on the street, but he may be all right with other cats if introduced at his own pace. Franklin is truly a special little dude with a funny little personality and would be a great companion for someone looking for a lap cat. When he meows he opens his mouth really wide, and it makes it look like he's screaming, but the smallest, gentlest meow comes out instead. His sweet little serious face and big tomcat head will win you over immediately.
More photos of Franklin.


Do you want a cat who is eager to help you with whatever you are doing? If so, we have the cat for you. Holmes is an orange tuxedo tabby bobtail whose nickname is Short Tail. He is about a year old (5/9/22). Those gorgeous amber eyes will just melt your heart. He is very friendly and he views every lap as a place to cuddle. He loves people and gets along with other cats. We haven’t tried him with dogs. If you aren’t doing something that he thinks needs his expertise, he is often found sitting on the screen porch or by a window observing the activities of the birds and chipmunks in the yard. His other favorite activity is wrestling with Watson.
More photos of Holmes.
Videos of Holmes playing with his foster brothers.


Watson is an orange tabby, half-tail/bobtail cat. He’s about a year old (5/8/22). He is shy so it takes a while for him to warm up to new people. Once he does, he loves to be petted. Watson does get along with other cats; we’ve not tried him with dogs. Besides observing nature from various windows and the screen porch, his favorite activity is wrestling with Short Tail. He would do best in a home with just one or two people.
More photos of Watson.
Videos of Watson playing with his foster brothers.


Mr. K.
Mr. K's foster dad has this to say about him: "Mr.K is one lucky 12-week-old -- as of Aug 9, 2021 -- male orange tabby! I was walking down the road a few weeks ago when I heard a few faint mews comming from a hedge of bushes across the street. I went to investigate, I looked into the hedge, and he was looking at me. I motioned for him to come out, and I asked him if he would like some food and a place to stay. You could see the joy in his eyes! He was dancing between my feet as I headed home. He was so hungry I think he ate about 40 cans of cat food before he slowed down. He was one skinny guy. Life is an adventure, isn't it? Now, I could have never imagined that this cat was so special. He's very playful, intelligent, caring, respectful, and he's great with his litter box and food area. Yep, I'm the lucky one. He's also very respectful of my 9-year-old cat -- maybe because he outweighs Mr.K by 10 pounds. Ha! But I do think he would like a roommate who is closer to his age. He is a true joy to have around. If he's not playing, he likes getting on the couch with me and snuggling and being petted. He has a cat bed, a stadium blanket, a scratcher, and his toys. He's had his first shots and has no issues. I've had many cats and this is a good one. I'm glad he's here!"
More photos of Mr. K.

Happy Tails -- Cats Adopted or Pending


Fern is a six-year-old gray tabby girl with white legs and vest. SARG took her into the program after learning that Fern had been living outdoors for some time — a declawed cat in significant danger because she had no way to defend herself. Fern has excellent litter box habits, in spite of her time outdoors. This is a lap cat, a lover who just wants to purr on a lap. Even when she first arrived in her foster home after living outdoors for a long time, she didn't hide — she just wanted someone to pay attention to her. She isn't a fan of being picked up, but since she jumps up next to anyone sitting down and walks into a lap, that's just fine. This little girl is special!
More photos of Fern.


Meet Chocolate! He is an energetic 8-week-old Maine coon mix kitten. Super soft and cuddly! He purrs all the time and loves to be held like a baby! He will fall asleep in your arms! Chocolate is being fostered with his litter-mate Moose, and they have a wonderful relationship. See Moose’s pictures and blurb. Chocolate weighs 1.8 pounds as of 5-23-2022.
More photos of Chocolate.


Meet Moose! Such a sweet, tiny Maine-coon-mix kitten! At just 1.6 pounds as of 5-23-2022, he is a little fluff-ball of fun! Moose loves cuddle time best and purrs quicker than any kitten his foster mom has met! He is lots of fun and loves chasing a feather toy. Moose is being fostered with his litter-mate Chocolate, and they have a wonderful time together.
More photos of Moose.


Want a lap cat who never stops purring and wants nothing more than to be near you? Looking for a cat with cattitude who is very vocal about letting you know what he wants? Need a cat who is fearless and gets along with dogs, other cats and after a little initial shyness, all people? Then this 8-year-old, completely litter-box-trained cat named Murphy is the new furry family member for you. Murphy has been through so much. His owner died and then his owner's caregiver who looked after Murphy had to enter a nursing home, so Murphy now needs a stable home where he can be loved furever. Please consider making this laid-back, sweet kitty a part of your family.
More photos of Murphy.


Pounce Wayne
Pounce lives up to her name! She is a very playful, precious, and affectionate 9-month-old kitten. She gives her foster family "hugs." The first time you experience it, your heart will just melt! Do you stay at home? She would love to be your constant companion. Work all day? Coming home to her would be the highlight of your day! She wants to curl up on your lap and cuddle or play. You can't help but laugh and smile at her silly antics and sweet meow. She runs straight over for loving as soon as you walk in the door. She is up to date on her shots now, microchipped, spayed and ready to find her forever home.
More photos of Pounce.
Video of Pounce playing.


Clark Kit
Clark is a 9-month-old male drama cat. Having 3 other siblings, he learned early on the easiest way to get attention is to lie down in your path and stretch out as much as he can to get your attention! He's very laid-back and relaxed, but he also loves to play. He manages to sleep in the strangest positions. His goofball antics will keep you laughing. He has medium whispy hair that gives him a roguish, wild look. His curiosity leads him to want to stick his head into anything and check it out -- including Yeti cups and refrigerators. He is up to date on his shots, neutered, microchipped, and ready to provide comical entertainment.
More photos of Clark.


Molly, a petite, adorable, one-year-old cat, was found pregnant and living as a stray under someone's porch. She was brought to a local vet, where she had her kittens in a safe, warm kennel.The kittens all found homes, but the mama needed a foster family where she could learn to be comfortable in an indoor house setting. Molly, a stunning dilute tortie with huge green eyes, was very shy and a little intimidated at first by her foster family's two cats and dog. But she has come around dramatically in a short time. At the beginning, she would hide in the basement or under the bed, but now she is a purring machine who loves to be petted and held. Molly is also completely litter box trained. She will make a wonderful, sweet, loving companion for anyone who would like to give her a forever home.
More photos of Molly.


Blondie is a gorgeous Himalayan mix of indeterminate age -- probably about 8-10, rescued from Anderson County Animal Shelter. We were told she was surrendered when her owner died and no one in the family wanted her. Blondie is beautiful and shy. She pretty much lives in a closet or sequestered space. We don't know her story, but she's obviously frightened of the world around her. She uses her litter box and comes out to eat. And at those times, she'll let people pet her and love on her. But then she returns to her safe place. She'd do best in a home that can provide a closet or small room where she can feel safe. Blondie may become more adapted to life in the real world over time with love and care.
More photos of Blondie.


Vixen Noel
Meet SARG's Christmas rescue. Vixen Noel left the shelter the Friday before Christmas and has settled in very quickly to her foster home. This 2-year-old girl loves to cuddle and she loves playing just as much as cuddling. She will sit on your desk as you are working keeping careful watch of you. Vixen is a talker and will let you know that she wants to play or her breakfast. She was found with several other cats so would probably be fine in a multiple-cat household. She is currently in a foster home with 3 large dogs but has not mingled much with them. She does love people.
More photos of Vixen Noel.


Meet Percy! This sweet little big-eyed grey tabby boy was born on 10/1/21, so is about 9 weeks right now. Percy was one of a litter who was rescued with his mom from under a porch when the kittens were only two days old. Now Percy is looking for his "forever" home. He's spent his life so far at a vets' office where he's been handled and loved on by all kinds of people. This is a kitten who knows that people are wonderful, kind, and loving, and is looking for a "forever" home with a family who will continue to provide the kind of love and care he's received so far. He's litter-trained (of course). Although Percy has soft tabby markings, he really appears grey -- almost like a Russian blue. This is a sweet boy who will steal your heart and cuddle with you every day!
More photos of Percy.


Sam Gizmo
Sam and Gizmo are two of the most precious fur babies you will ever meet. They're 7½ weeks old, born approximately October 24. They were found in a box at a thrift store, where someone had brought them after their mother had apparently died. They were only 2½ weeks old and absolutely starving. Gizmo was near death, cold and limp -- so tiny, weighing only a few ounces so that she fit in the palm of a hand. Her brother Sam was twice her size, but still starving. But Gizmo was a fighter in spite of being fragile. Both were bottle fed 'round the clock until they were old enough for solids. These two are true bosom buddies, doing everything together, including eating, playing, sleeping, even using the litter box. Sam is a roly-poly goofball with a cute, bobbed half-tail. Gizmo may be tiny, but she is fierce. She holds her own when she and Sam get into rough-and-tumble. Since Sam and Gizmo are so deeply connected, we would prefer that they be adopted together if possible. Sam and Gizmo are such special babies, and they deserve all the love and comfort in the world. If you have room in your heart and in your home for this precious pair, please fill out an application today.
More photos of Sam.
More photos of Gizmo.


Pansy is 9 weeks old and came into SARG a month ago (late October) with her little brother through a local shelter. They were weak, emaciated, and flea-ridden. She was brought to the vet, where unfortunately her brother passed away. She went to her foster as a solo kitten to live with two papillon dogs, and there she strengthened and healed. One month later she is 100% kitten -- all sugar and spice. Smart, curious, playful, and snuggly, she loves toys that dangle and jingle. When tired she finds her foster mom and climbs onto her shoulder or in the crook of her neck, purring and sometimes making up dough before going to sleep.

Pansy needs a true cat-loving home that will enjoy her social behaviors. She plays on her own nicely, but she wants to interact. In a perfect world she would have a playful cat or dog companion too. She's litter-trained and eats wet and dry food. The foster states, "She not the average cat. She shows a delightful personality and somehow she makes me feel loved and important. I think she is one of those 'lifetime' cats."
More photos of Pansy.








Maple Blue Lily Marlene Fred Mickey

MAPLE                     BLUE                      LILY MARLENE                          FRED                            MICKEY

Update January 9, 2021: Thanks to all who have inquired about and applied to adopt these little ones. We have had high interest in them and are now working through the applications and queries that we have, and we are confident that we will be able to select homes for them from the responses received to date. Again, thanks to everyone who has been kind enough to offer these babies a home.
A Litter of 5! SARG has a litter of five kittens that were born on Nov. 19, 2020. Two of them are male orange tabby, two are female grey/brown tabby, and one is a female calico tabby. All are super-friendly playful kitties that are very lucky to be alive. Having been born right at the start of winter they were found by a dear friend of SARG and taken in right away. These kitties have already had one appointment with our vet, and they are healthy, strong, and growing just as they should. They will be ready for their forever homes on January 15th. SARG will, of course, pay for all the necessary shots, microchipping and spay/neuter with our veterinarian.


My name is Carter and I'm a beautiful light orange tabby with pale green eyes. I have very soft, silky fur and love being petted. I'm about 2 years old and a big boy -- I weigh about 17 pounds. I'm a very confident, social and loving boy. You know I'm happy and in love when you hear me purr! Toys are great fun and I love those little squiggly plastic cat toys! My potty manners are excellent! I live in a foster home with six other cats and 3 German shepherds. I have adjusted very well to being an indoor cat. My foster mom has a sun porch that I can access from inside the house and I've gotten quite skilled at using the cat door. I love watching birds from the window and snoozing on the cat tree. I love to play and would be happier with another cat to play with. My foster mom keeps a bowl of fresh water in the bathtub, and I love to get fresh water there every morning. It is so much better than drinking out the same water bowl as the dogs.
More photos of Carter.
Video of Carter playing with Morris.


Morris is a male orange-swirl tabby, and possibly a Manx mix, since his tail is only about 2 inches long. He is about 4 years old and was a stray in the Wear's Valley area who wanted to come inside. Morris does love to play with string, laser and toys; really loves catnip on his scratch box and toys. He was quite a wild child when he came to his foster home, but has calmed down and gets along pretty well with the other cats. He does fine with the dogs in the home -- two very large German shepherds. He does not like to be picked up, but does sleep on the bed and will cuddle. He likes to lie on a person, especially early in the morning. He loves being petted and does get in laps, but is a work-in-progress on becoming a true lap cat. He loves the cat tree on the sun porch and talks to the birds outside. He's a striking boy with his classic swirl tabby pattern in dark red-orange and his half-length tail.
More photos of Morris.
Video of Carter playing with Morris.

Other Adoptables

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***"Other Adoptables" (when listed) are NOT in the SARG program, but they still need love and a forever home. Please contact the owners directly by clicking on the link. Please do not contact SARG. SARG offers no guarantee in any way related to any non-SARG animal -- the rescues, shelters, or owners involved provide their own descriptions, terms, and guarantees.

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