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Oak Ridge, TN
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Cats Available for Adoption


We named this little 12-week-old tuxedo Siamese-mix boy Chevy, because his motor is always running! Chevy purrs all the time – the minute you look at him his motor starts! His foster mom looks down and sees Chevy all the time just begging to be picked up. He wants to fall asleep in your arms. We believe this is because he was bottle-fed as a baby. Chevy was brought to the shelter without a mom when he was only about 4-5 weeks old and needed to be bottle fed until he could learn to eat regular kitten food. He learned fast and loves to chow down on some Friskies canned food! Treats are also a favorite of his. As soon as he hears the rattle of the container he comes running. Chevy is a beauty, with stunning markings on his ears and the back of his head. He gets along with all the other cats in the foster home; he especially enjoys spending some time with Beemer, another kitten up for adoption with SARG.
More photos of Chevy.


My name is Beemer because I purr like a well-tuned BMW! My motor starts the minute you look at me. I know my eyes look a little different, but the doctors tell me nothing is wrong and that I am beautiful! I don’t notice that I’m different, and I can see perfectly! That feather toy isn’t going to get away from me! I will jump high in the air and do flips just to catch it. And man, that red dot! Oh my goodness, do I love to chase that red dot! I don’t know how it moves so fast!! The foster home has some other cats and kittens that I enjoy playing with. I really enjoy this little kitten named Chevy. His personality is similar to mine. We both love to purr. My foster mom took some pictures of us cuddled up together the other day. Speaking of my foster mom, she has nicknamed me "her shadow," I guess because I’m always following her around. I love to be by people and get petted, so I figure if I’m by her side she will pet me more often. And besides, making the bed is fun!
More photos of Beemer.


Meet Teddy, a stunning black 6-month-old Siamese-mix kitten. He is super-friendly and super-tall! He is going to be one tall and long cat. He is a little shy at first but comes around very quickly, a little bundle of purring joy to be around. He likes to play and be cuddled and purr! Man can he purr -- purr so loudly you can hear him across the room! Teddy likes to climb on the top of the cat tree and look out the windows. He is very agile and quick to grab the feather toy. The foster home where Teddy is has several other kittens and he gets along with them, as well as with the older cats.
More photos of Teddy.


Maggie is the mother of three baby girls: Marcy, Melody, and Matilda. All of them are currently being fostered together and all are polydactyls. Correction: We said that they are ready to go to their new homes. Our apologies, but actually the little ones won't be ready to leave Momma for a couple more weeks, i.e., around March 13, 2020. Momma Maggie is a polydactyl white-and-brown tabby. She is super sweet and loves to be petted. She is a great mom to the three kittens. Occasionally her foster mom finds her up on the bed having some "mom time-out."
More photos of Maggie.


Mr. Smith
Mr Smith, two years old, came to us from a local veterinarian who removed one hind leg that was badly damaged, probably by being hit by a car. Mr. Smith is in a foster home, learning again how to navigate and doing very well. He gets along well with the dog in the home, seems fine with other cats when he sees them, and LOVES people. Mr. Smith wants to follow his people and sit or sleep with them. Although he’s FIV positive, that’s not a problem -- the latest research indicates that FIV+ and FIV- cats can co-exist with no problems. If you’re looking for a lover of a cat, this handsome orange tabby boy could be a great fit.
More photos of Mr. Smith.


Luna is a pretty, black kitty with striking white whiskers and eyebrows. She is almost 2 years old as of February 1, 2017. She prefers a quiet household without dogs or young children for her forever home, although she does well with the other cats in her foster home. Her foster mom has decided that Luna would be a great companion for a person who is a night-owl; she is at her friendliest late at night and comes to be petted and share the couch.
More photos of Luna.
Video of Luna.


My name is Carter and I'm a beautiful light orange tabby with pale green eyes. I have very soft, silky fur and love being petted. I'm about 2 years old and a big boy -- I weigh about 17 pounds. I'm a very confident, social and loving boy. You know I'm happy and in love when you hear me purr! Toys are great fun and I love those little squiggly plastic cat toys! My potty manners are excellent! I live in a foster home with six other cats and 3 German shepherds. I have adjusted very well to being an indoor cat. My foster mom has a sun porch that I can access from inside the house and I've gotten quite skilled at using the cat door. I love watching birds from the window and snoozing on the cat tree. I love to play and would be happier with another cat to play with. My foster mom keeps a bowl of fresh water in the bathtub, and I love to get fresh water there every morning. It is so much better than drinking out the same water bowl as the dogs.
More photos of Carter.
Video of Carter playing with Morris.


Godiva is a very loving cat who loves to come and see what you are doing. She is 3½ years old as of January, 2017. She enjoys being petted, especially when you are reading or lying down. Godiva also loves to play with anything that has a bell or a feather. She will jump for the toys and come running when she hears the bell. She likes to be active and is naturally curious. Godiva has moved to Louisville, KY, with her foster mom. She is still available for adoption through SARG as always, but we can arrange a meeting with her foster mom in Louisville.
See more pictures of Godiva.

Happy Tails -- Cats Adopted or Pending


My name is Mickey. I’m a grey-tabby-and-white, short-haired cat about 2 years old, and I am so happy, because I’m one of the lucky cats. I was found trying to get dinner out of the McCallister’s Café dumpster. The next thing I knew I was in the Oak Ridge Animal Shelter. They gave me lots of food, and I didn’t even have to beg for it! Then these 2 lovely ladies from the rescue group SARG saw me and -- I must say -- fell in love with my charming personality! I pulled out all the stops for them, and they picked me! I am sure glad they did, because there were complications with my neuter and I almost died! If it hadn’t been for SARG and the emergency vet hospital, I’m sure I wouldn’t be here today. I’m so happy! I love to be petted and cuddled all the time. Just sit on the couch for a minute and I’m up in your lap wanting to be petted. In my foster home I have other cats to play with, but really my favorite is the teenage girl that I sleep with every night! She loves to pet me as much as I love getting pets. I’m hoping for a great forever home with people that want to pet me too.
More photos of Mickey.


Magnolia probably has some Russian blue in her background. Always exploring and finding toys to play with, she’s still only when it’s time to nap.
More photos of Magnolia.


Marcy is a gray-and-white polydactyl Manx mix. She is the most adventurous of the kittens, leading the other two on great explorations in the bedroom they now call home. She will be ready for her new home in a couple of weeks, around March 13, 2020.
More photos of Marcy.


Marigold, a gray-and-white tuxedo kitten, was born about December 20, 2019. We think she has some Maine coon and maybe some Russian blue in her background. She is very playful. She’s a lap-kitty until she sees something interesting that needs her immediate attention.
More photos of Marigold.


Melody is a black-and-tan polydactyl tabby with white paws. A typical kitten, she’s right there playing with a toy or wrestling with her sisters. She will be ready for her new home in a couple of weeks, around March 13, 2020.
More photos of Melody.


Matilda is a black-and-tan mackerel polydactyl tabby. If there is a toy to be found, she’s right there playing with it. She will be ready for her new home in a couple of weeks, around March 13, 2020.
Another photo of Matilda.


Meet MacKenzie, a 10-week-old bundle of energy who’s looking for a forever home. We think she’s a Maine coon mix. She spends her days investigating her foster home. Anything on the floor, from a dry cat-food pellet to an errant sock becomes her play toy. She tries to engage the two 15-year-old cats she’s living with, but they look at her like maiden aunts looking at the overactive 2-year-old. When one of them gets enough of her antics, they whack her one and she goes away – for a little while. So if you are looking for a playful, full-of-life, kitten, then MacKenzie is the kitten for you.
Another photo of Mackenzie.


Look at our newest SARG boy! Samson is a 2+-year-old black male Maine coon mix. This big, sweet, friendly boy has spent his life up to this point pretty much having to fend for himself. He’s ready to find his forever indoor home and be someone’s special buddy. This boy gets along with dogs, other cats, and all the people he’s met since we’ve had him.
More photos of Samson.


Hi, my name is Bubbles and I am the kitty you’ve been looking for! I’m about a year old, female, and have the softest fur you have ever felt. I am snuggly and sweet and do well with my foster siblings (cats and dogs). I am a little chatty and I love to play! What more could you ask for in a cat? I am just sheer purr-fection!”
More photos of Bubbles.


My name is Biscuits and I am the sweetest and friendliest cat you will ever meet. I am such a happy kitty that I knead constantly, hence my name! I am female, 2 years old, and get along famously with other cats and dogs, but people are my very favorite. I come running whenever you call my name in hopes of chin scratches and snuggles! I love to chat with you when you get home from work and tell you all about my day exploring the house and hanging out with the dogs. Wouldn’t you love to give a perfect cat like me a forever home?
More photos of Biscuits.
Video of Biscuits and doggie friend.
Video of Biscuits vs. the laser dot.


Little Luke
Little Luke is a tiny blond tabby kitty at only 1 pound, 3 ounces and 5 weeks old as of December 8. He was found abandoned under a porch and brought to Oak Ridge Animal Shelter with his sibling. This is where SARG found him. As he was too little to be left alone, we got him and his brother, Baby Yoda, into foster care right away. Little Luke was riddled with fleas and ear mites but lucky to have been found and rescued. SARG made sure he received all the vet care he needs. Little Luke's brother looks very much like a Maine coon, and while Little Luke seems to have that personality, he doesn’t have the look. He wants to cuddle a person all the time. His favorite spot is on your shoulder. If he is not on your shoulder, he is following you from room to room exploring and playing with a ball. Little Luke is fearless; as soon as he stepped out of his carrier into his foster home, Little Luke ran up to all the other cats to greet them and explore all the crevices of the house. His tiny size doesn’t stop him one bit. He is sure to grow into one beautiful cat!
More photos of Little Luke.


Leia is an adventurous, people-oriented and cuddly 8-week-old kitten, as of December 5, 2019. She was found in Oak Ridge, TN, abandoned on the side of the road, meowing, scared, underweight and malnourished, with a chemical burn on her back. Leia is a strong one and is recovering well. Her burn is healing and she is super-lovable. Just like Leia in Star Wars, our Leia hasn’t let any adversity dampen her lively and happy personality. She is ready to tackle the world.
More photos of Leia.


Morris is a male orange-swirl tabby, and possibly a Manx mix, since his tail is only about 2 inches long. He is about 4 years old and was a stray in the Wear's Valley area who wanted to come inside. Morris does love to play with string, laser and toys; really loves catnip on his scratch box and toys. He was quite a wild child when he came to his foster home, but has calmed down and gets along pretty well with the other cats. He does fine with the dogs in the home -- two very large German shepherds. He does not like to be picked up, but does sleep on the bed and will cuddle. He likes to lie on a person, especially early in the morning. He loves being petted and does get in laps, but is a work-in-progress on becoming a true lap cat. He loves the cat tree on the sun porch and talks to the birds outside. He's a striking boy with his classic swirl tabby pattern in dark red-orange and his half-length tail.
More photos of Morris.
Video of Carter playing with Morris.


Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda is a tiny Maine-coon-mix kitten, 5 weeks old as of December 5, 2019. He has a super-sweet disposition and loves all the other kitties in his foster home. He was found abandoned under a porch, riddled with fleas and ear mites. As he was too tiny to be left alone, SARG is now fostering him in a home with other kittens his age. He looks a bit like Baby Yoda from the new Star Wars series The Mandalorian. Baby Yoda is just as his name suggests: curious, docile and loves everyone in an understated way. He is sure to grow to be a nice fluffy kitty.


Wall-e is the class clown. He is a 2-year-old, medium-haired grey tabby with a huge plumed tail! We believe he is very hard of hearing. But what he lacks in hearing he makes up for in personality. Since he doesn't hear the vacuum, he loves to chase it and also be vacuumed by it! His foster mom often comes into the kitchen to find Wall-e lying on his back with his feet sprawled out behind him -- affectionately she calls him "dead kitty" -- but he is just asking for a belly rub! Wall-e loves attention and will follow you all around the house. He gets along well with other cats, and dogs don't bother him a bit. In fact, Wall-e loves dogs and barking doesn't bother him at all. If you are looking for a kitty that will make you laugh, look no further, Wall-e is the kitty for you!
More photos of Wall-e.
Video of Wall-e.
Another video of Wall-e.


Meet Echo! The video below shows his long journey from a very, very sick, stray kitty to his current happy and healthy state in his foster home. We'll have more details about him soon.
More photos of Echo.
Video of Echo.

Other Adoptables

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***"Other Adoptables" (when listed) are NOT in the SARG program, but they still need love and a forever home. Please contact the owners directly by clicking on the link. Please do not contact SARG. SARG offers no guarantee in any way related to any non-SARG animal -- the rescues, shelters, or owners involved provide their own descriptions, terms, and guarantees.

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