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Dogs Available for Adoption


SARG wants to introduce all dog lovers to Piper the puggle--a two-year-old, 24-pound, totally adorable mix of beagle and pug. She is housetrained, crate-trained, perfect on a leash, quiet, and laid-back. She gets a little nervous around very young children but is fine with older kids--say over the age of 6. She ignores cats and is great with calm dogs. She is not much of a chewer. Well, ok--so sometimes she'll chew on a pencil. But as Mary Poppins would say, "She's practically perfect in every way." And her life would be totally perfect, if she could find her forever home. Won't you be the one to give it to her?
More pictures of Piper.


Tina is a cute puggle (pug/beagle mix) female. She is about 1 year old as of February, 2018, and weighs 21 pounds. We are just learning about her personality, but we do know that she does not do well with large dogs. Tina is in a temporary housing situation right now, and we would very much like to find her a foster home, which will help us to get to know her much better.
More pictures of Tina.


Candy is a sweet, 4-year-old feist mix female.
More pictures of Candy.

Happy Tails -- Dogs Adopted or Pending


Tank is a 7-year-old male Boston terrier mix who is looking for a forever home. He is a lovable little boy and would do well in a laidback home. Tank is currently living in a foster home with five other dogs. While he hasn't displayed any interest in playing with his foster brothers or sister, he gets along fine with them. Tank is housetrained and he is very well behaved. His favorite pastime is laying in his person's lap and being petted. If you are looking for a calm and loving companion, Tank may be a great fit for your home.
More pictures of Tank.


Willie is a bichon/poodle mix about 2 years old, weighing in at 15 pounds. He came to us from Anderson County Animal Shelter in early February, very dirty and disheveled. He had to be clipped down to get the mats out of his coat. He appears to be housetrained and gets along with women very well. He is not fond of men, and we don't know what in his past might have triggered that. He has not been friendly with other dogs so we suspect he has been an only dog for a while. We are working with a trainer to try to modify his social skills. Right now he would be best suited with a female-only household with no other pets. His foster mom says he is really a sweet dog.
More pictures of Willie.


Meet Rudy, a 1½-year-old, 40-pound pointer mix. He is doing an excellent job of adjusting to his foster home and has become best friends with the large dogs he is living with currently. He has been to several events where we've had cats and didn't seem to mind them at that time. He is turning into a very happy, energetic, playful guy, and will continue to grow with his forever parents into an even greater family companion. He is housetrained and has learned some commands: sit, stay, etc. He loves to be close and give lots of dog kisses. Apply now!
More pictures of Rudy.
Video of Rudy playing with his foster brother Oliver


Wow! Our supposed Jack Russell baby has turned out to be something quite different! Dobby is a female Walker Hound (Walker Coon Hound) about 17 weeks old. She has been spayed, is now 23 pounds and will probably be 50 pounds full-grown, give or take. She is loving (and would like to be a lap dog), but she is still learning not to be too mouthy. Maybe when she finishes teething? Otherwise she is quick to learn and already has several commands mastered. She is almost totally house-trained, no accidents lately. And she is happily kennel-trained.
More pictures of Dobby.


Say hello to 11 pounds of fun! Skipper is our latest acquisition from the Anderson County Animal Holding Facility. He is about 2 years old, despite the fact that he looks like a puppy. We think he looks like a Schnauzer/terrier mix, but we're not sure where that funky little tail came from. He seemed to be o.k. with other dogs and cats at the shelter. The folks at our vet's office, where he is staying right now, think he is a real sweetie.
More pictures of Skipper.


Barkley is a super-sweet, 5-year-old beagle mix, who weighs 16.6 pounds. Barkley is housetrained. He gets along well with other dogs and appears to get along with cats. He loves to play with his toys, although some of them don't live very long. Barkley's favorite game is tug-of-war. When he is not playing, Barkley loves to snuggle up next to his human to read or watch television. Barkley has some food allergies and is on a special diet. He will need to be kept on a limited ingredient food to prevent ear infections and skin issues from recurring. Barkley is looking for a special home that he can call his own, and he promises to be a loyal and loving companion.
More pictures of Barkley.


Meet Jackson, a 1½-year-old, 30-pound beagle/shepherd mix sweetheart! Jackson is quiet, calm (although he's not too crazy about being in a crate), great with children, other dogs, cats, etc., etc., perfect on a leash, not a chewer or a shedder, and housetrained! Jackson already knows the commands "come," "sit," and "paw," and his foster mother knows he will learn other commands quickly. In short, he is a perfect furry companion. Anyway, how can anyone resist those bedroom eyes?
More pictures of Jackson.


Penny is a very sweet little miniature poodle mix female. She is about 6 years old and weighs in at 7 pounds; she likes to play and go for walks. Her favorite thing is to be cuddled. She loves being held like a baby. Penny's foster mom says she will dance around on her hind feet to get a treat or even to let her know she needs to go out to potty. She sleeps in a crate all night without waking up. She has a cataract in one eye, which we have had checked by an eye specialist. The chances that removing it will improve her vision in that eye are very slim (about 30%). Since she has no problem seeing with the other eye, we did not put her through the surgery. She will need one eye drop in the eye with the cataract to keep down any inflammation. Here you see Penny before she was groomed; see her gallery for a couple of pictures of her after grooming. What a difference a little TLC can make!
More pictures of Penny.


Jedi is probably a mix of border collie and sheltie, with a bit of shepherd for good measure. And Jedi is an appropriate name for this magnificent dog. Beware! -- one look into his face will steal your heart!. He is just under a year old and weighs 40 pounds. Jedi is very people-oriented, what we call a "leaner"; he leans up against you as if he wants to get as close to you as he can. When you start petting him, he will lie down and want his belly rubbed. He has not had much experience with walking on a leash, but we are working on that as well as trying to get him used to car rides. He seems fearful about getting in a car, but once he is in and secure with his person beside him, he settles down. We think he may have been "dumped" from a car at some time in his past. We want to get him where he has happy things happen when he goes in the car -- like going for walks by the lake, or to the park to play. He likes treats, so he is a good candidate for training. Right now he is residing at a boarding kennel, and we have learned that he also knows how to climb chain link fences. He was in the outside play area and the staff was in the parking lot and saw him try to climb the fence three times. He didn't make it to the top; they felt he was just trying to get to them, since he is so people-oriented.
More pictures of Jedi.


Sam is a 3-year-old beautiful golden retriever/ husky mix. He weighs 42 pounds and is a funny, loving bundle of joy. He likes to take walks and hikes and loves to ride in the car. He likes to play tug with his rope toy. He is good to alert if someone comes to the door, but doesn't continue to bark. He is smart and responds to several commands.

Sam came to us as a stray from Roane county. He was placed in a foster home and was quickly taken out of state for a trial, but he didn't fit into their lifestyle, so he was returned to us. He became too much for the foster to handle and was placed at the kennel because of a lack of available foster homes. He was placed in his current foster home in August. Because of his lack of training and no routine or stability he didn't trust anyone. SARG had a trainer work with Sam and his foster, and as a result he is more trusting and calm. His foster continues to use the training methods with him, and this will need to continue in his forever home. He can be nervous in new situations, but love and patience have calmed him.

He will need to be in a home with no children under 10 and no cats. He is with another dog in his foster home and gets along well with her, but would also do well as an only dog. We also recommend that the adopter have a couple of training sessions. This will help to build a bond and trust with Sam.
More pictures of Sam.
Video of Funloving Sam!

Other Adoptables

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***"Other Adoptables" (when listed) are NOT in the SARG program, but they still need love and a forever home. Please contact the owners directly by clicking on the link. Please do not contact SARG. SARG offers no guarantee in any way related to any non-SARG animal -- the rescues, shelters, or owners involved provide their own descriptions, terms, and guarantees.

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