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Dogs Available for Adoption


Dixie is a female Dachshund mix, about 1½ years old and weighing 16 pounds.
More pictures of Dixie.


Kinsley is a female, brindle and white boxer mix. We don't have a lot of details about her yet, but everyone who has met her says she is a real sweetheart.
More pictures of Kinsley.


Lee Lee
Lee Lee is a 15-pound, nine-year-old Corgi mix. She is quiet and calm, and she loves both to sit on laps and go on walks. Lee Lee gets along with everyone she meets -- dogs, cats, and children -- and she is house-trained and crate-trained.
More pictures of Lee Lee.

RACHAEL                                                          RYDER

Rachael Ryder
Rachael and Ryder are Yorkie mixes were rescued from a house where they had been abandoned together for three weeks with an open bag of food to sustain them. They are very much bonded with each other and need to find a home together. Rachael is 4½ years old and weighs 14.1 pounds; Ryder is 2½ and weighs 10.4 pounds.
More pictures of Rachael.
More pictures of Ryder.


Nayla is a 1-year-old, 44-pound boxer mix female.
More pictures of Nayla.


Patsy is a small puggle, about 10 months old. She has been spayed and had her vaccinations. She is a sweetheart, full of energy. A fenced yard would be ideal for her so that she can run and play and use up some of that puppy energy. We will update her personality as we more about her, but one thing is certain: whatever home she occupies will be filled with activity and puppy love.
More pictures of Patsy.


Barkley is a super-sweet, 5-year-old beagle mix, who weighs 16.6 pounds. Barkley is housetrained. He gets along well with other dogs and appears to get along with cats. He loves to play with his toys, although some of them don't live very long. Barkley's favorite game is tug-of-war. When he is not playing, Barkley loves to snuggle up next to his human to read or watch television. Barkley has some food allergies and is on a special diet. He will need to be kept on a limited ingredient food to prevent ear infections and skin issues from recurring. Barkley is looking for a special home that he can call his own, and he promises to be a loyal and loving companion.
More pictures of Barkley.


Elvis is a sweet and loving Chihuahua mix who is approximately 13 years old. He has a few health issues for which he is taking some medications; but despite his issues, he is a spry and happy little boy. He loves to run and play, but he is a cuddle bug too. Elvis is recovering from a severe skin infection, so he has some patches in his fur where his hair is growing back. He is already a cutie, but when he gets his coat back he is going to be even more handsome! Elvis lives in a a foster home with several other dogs and he gets along with all of them. He appears to be housetrained, but he does have an occasional accident. Elvis is looking for a loving forever home and a human companion with a big heart.
More pictures of Elvis.

Happy Tails -- Dogs Adopted or Pending


Murphy is a 4-year-old, tan and white Papillon mix. He likes other dogs and is very active but also likes his cuddles. Murphy's foster mom, who is a dog trainer, suggests that any children in the home be older ones. She also has offered his new family a single training session with him. If you are interested in Murphy, please go to the SARG website and fill out an application. We will accept applications through 9/15/18.
More pictures of Murphy.


Liza Mae
Liza Mae is a young yellow Lab mix female. She was found as a stray and very quickly adopted by her foster family.


Victor is a young terrier mix who was adopted immediately after coming from the shelter.


Bandit is an approximately two-year-old, mixed-breed cutie. We haven't done a DNA test on him, but we are guessing he has Chihuahua and min pin with some hound and terrier added for variety. And occasionally, he walks with that funny bulldog gait. What it all comes down to is 20 pounds of cuteness. Bandit came to us as a stray last fall, and efforts to find his family failed. His demeanor gave us the impression that he had not had much socialization in his young life. However, he came into a multiple-dog home and learned to get along with others, use the doggie door, and potty outside in a short time. He also didn't bother anything in the house. He likes to be near his humans, sit by them on the couch, or stop by for some petting, but is not a "clingy"-type dog. He LOVES to go for walks and is not bothered by passersby, bikes, train whistles, or barking dogs along the way. The foster family has been working with a trainer, and Bandit has made great strides since his arrival. We feel he deserves and is now ready for his own forever family. Bandit probably would not do well with a first-time dog owner, but should flourish with someone who has had some dog experience. He has been on some calming medication that has significantly helped him; we feel he will definitely need to continue that in his new surroundings. We will provide two training sessions with his trainer, so that his new family can continue to reinforce the lessons he has learned. He is okay with cats, and would probably enjoy having another furry brother or sister his size or slightly larger with a calm demeanor. If you think you might like to make this bundle of cuteness a part of your family, please contact us either by email ( or phone (865-483-8146).
More pictures of Bandit.


Murray is a pointer/cattle dog mix weighing in at 41 pounds. He is only about a year old. He is a little shy on first meeting, sort of like a 4-year-old child hiding behind his mom or dad and peeking around to see what is going on. He warms up very quickly and appears to get along well with people, dogs, and cats. He went to The Houndry for a play day and had a great time with the other dogs there. He has a very sweet personality, walks well on a leash, and appears to be house- and crate-trained. Murray will be going to his foster home in a few days, so we will get more information and pictures soon.
More pictures of Murray.


Hi, my name is Tina. I'm a toast-brown puggle (pug/beagle), I have sparkling brown eyes and a cute smile. I weigh 16 pounds and I'm about a year old. I was nervous and scared of everything when I first came to SARG, but a lady has been showing me how not to be scared. I was afraid of riding in a car but now I like to go in the car. I walk nice on the leash and I like walks. I love to cuddle and give kisses! I have been going to doggie daycare and I do okay but I'm still a little unsure how to play with the other dogs. I watch and sometimes try to join in. I'm just learning how to play with toys. I would love a family to call my own.
More pictures of Tina.


Buffy was adopted from SARG in 2015 and has come back to us because of her adopters' serious illness. She is a sweet little Chihuahua mix who gets along with everyone -- including dogs, cats, and kids. She is a wonderful companion and likes to be held. Buffy weighs 12 pounds and is a senior, about 10 years old, although you wouldn't believe it to look at her and see her get around so well. She seems a little bit lost right now, having had her life turned upside down, but she is pretty laid-back about it all, and she will be fine when she finds a new family to love.
More pictures of Buffy.


Willie is a sweet, affectionate bichon/poodle mix (maybe just bichon) about 2 years old, weighing in at 14 pounds. He is a bit bigger than a Yorkie or a Chihuahua. He came to us very dirty and disheveled, so much so that he had to be shaved down in order to remove all of the mats from his coat. He is housetrained and has learned to "go potty" in one spot on command. He gets along with women very well and is very attracted to kids. He is sometimes initially a little nervous around men, but that can be fixed with a gentle voice, kind pats and treats. He plays well with other small dogs (but is terrified of big dogs). He loves to go for walks and thrives on lots of physical contact. He is a total cuddle-bug.
More pictures of Willie.


Cindy Lou
Cindy Lou is a perky and friendly little Shih Tzu gal whose favorite spot is in someone's lap. She was turned in to the Anderson County Animal Holding Facility by her owner. She's about 2 years old and weighs 14 pounds. Cindy Lou gets along with other dogs & cats and seems to like all people.
More pictures of Cindy Lou.


Update 6/27/18: We have received several applications for Cozette and will be working in the next days to process them and find the appropriate home for her. Thanks to everyone for your interest in Cozette. We are certain that there is a great home for her among the applications that we've received.

Cozette, formerly Angel, was adopted last year and has come back to SARG to find a new home. The following is from her original adopters.

Are you looking for the perfect dog? If so read on. We just found out that my husband is allergic to our perfect Malti-poo and we need to re-home her. Could you be her perfect fit? Cozette (little thing in French) is up to date on shots, spayed, about 18 months old and a rarely found Malti-poo. She is available to the right home. Cozy (for short) is smart, obedient, and calm (unless someone comes on property that should not, at which point she will bark like crazy to alert you). Otherwise, she is quiet and at your feet or on your lap. She is like your favorite "cozy" blanket. She loves to play with squeaky toys and tolerates being dressed up and brushed. Cozy especially likes leash walks and she really enjoys being outside. She thrives on the outdoors. Cozy is cat-, kid- and dog-tested. She is very social and would probably prefer to be in a home with lots of friends, human or otherwise. Truly there is nothing we could say that is out of place with her, Cozy is just a wonderful addition to our family and we are terribly broken-hearted to have to re-home her. If you'd like any additional information or would like to schedule a meet and greet, please complete an application on the SARG website.
More pictures of Cozette.


Princess is a 6-month-old Maltese/Shih Tzu mix. She is playful and full of energy and very friendly. She is almost all white, with one brown spot near her tail.
More pictures of Princess.


Candy is a sweet, 4-year-old corgi mix female.
More pictures of Candy.


SARG wants to introduce all dog lovers to Piper the puggle--a two-year-old, 24-pound, totally adorable mix of beagle and pug. She is housetrained, crate-trained, perfect on a leash, quiet, and laid-back. She gets a little nervous around very young children but is fine with older kids--say over the age of 6. She ignores cats and is great with calm dogs. She is not much of a chewer. Well, ok--so sometimes she'll chew on a pencil. But as Mary Poppins would say, "She's practically perfect in every way." And her life would be totally perfect, if she could find her forever home. Won't you be the one to give it to her?
More pictures of Piper.


Tank is a 7-year-old male Boston terrier mix who is looking for a forever home. He is a lovable little boy and would do well in a laidback home. Tank is currently living in a foster home with five other dogs. While he hasn't displayed any interest in playing with his foster brothers or sister, he gets along fine with them. Tank is housetrained and he is very well behaved. His favorite pastime is laying in his person's lap and being petted. If you are looking for a calm and loving companion, Tank may be a great fit for your home.
More pictures of Tank.


Meet Rudy, a 1½-year-old, 40-pound pointer mix. He is doing an excellent job of adjusting to his foster home and has become best friends with the large dogs he is living with currently. He has been to several events where we've had cats and didn't seem to mind them at that time. He is turning into a very happy, energetic, playful guy, and will continue to grow with his forever parents into an even greater family companion. He is housetrained and has learned some commands: sit, stay, etc. He loves to be close and give lots of dog kisses. Apply now!
More pictures of Rudy.
Video of Rudy playing with his foster brother Oliver


Wow! Our supposed Jack Russell baby has turned out to be something quite different! Dobby is a female Walker Hound (Walker Coon Hound) about 17 weeks old. She has been spayed, is now 23 pounds and will probably be 50 pounds full-grown, give or take. She is loving (and would like to be a lap dog), but she is still learning not to be too mouthy. Maybe when she finishes teething? Otherwise she is quick to learn and already has several commands mastered. She is almost totally house-trained, no accidents lately. And she is happily kennel-trained.
More pictures of Dobby.

Other Adoptables

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***"Other Adoptables" (when listed) are NOT in the SARG program, but they still need love and a forever home. Please contact the owners directly by clicking on the link. Please do not contact SARG. SARG offers no guarantee in any way related to any non-SARG animal -- the rescues, shelters, or owners involved provide their own descriptions, terms, and guarantees.

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