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Dogs Available for Adoption


Baxter is a one-to-two-year-old Great Pyrenees, and he will need a home with a tall privacy-fenced yard. He is calm and easy-going. Baxter shows no aggression to other animals. It would be best if he goes to a home with no small children. Baxter seems to have had some obedience training, and his foster family are trying to work with him. Baxter walks well on a lead and is a great dog who deserves a great home.
More pictures of Baxter.

Happy Tails -- Dogs Adopted or Pending


Hi, Dog Lovers! Go on, resist this face if you can! This is Ferris, our latest rescue guy. He is a small terrier mix who is relatively young and really wants to be picked up and held -- he seems like a real "people" dog and to like everybody. He's frisky, happy and active. He is being treated for some skin issues right now, from a bad case of fleas, and he is scheduled to be neutered soon. We don't know much more right now, but we will find out more about his personality and level of training once he is in a foster home.
More pictures of Ferris.


Bubbles is a female Boston terrier. She is approximately 9 years old and weighs about 20 pounds. She is fully house-trained and will go to the door when she wants to go out. She stays in a crate when her foster family are not home; she does well in it and goes in by herself when they toss in a chew and tell her to go in. She also does well with the two dogs and two cats in her foster home and sleeps with all of them, under the blanket most of the time. She rides well in the truck, wears sweaters, and she will eat just about anything and stands up on her back legs for treats. While we do not know how she might be with small children, she loves her foster mom's 13-year-old daughter.
More pictures of Bubbles.


Bebe is a female Dachshund mix with dainty white feet. She is very anxious, at least while she is in her current residence at the vet's office. We hope she will be happier and more confident once she moves to a foster home or her forever home.
More pictures of Bebe.


Petey is a male terrier mix, 3 years old and weighing 16 pounds. He is housetrained and likes to be close to people. He is o.k. with small children and, although he is not in a home with other dogs at this time, he does not appear to have issues when meeting them. He really is a people-oriented boy, though, and wants to be in someone's lap whenever possible. His foster family think he is a super companion.
More pictures of Petey.


Prince's foster mom says "Mr. Prince has been another joyful dog to have in my home!" She says he is super sweet, loves cuddles, and requires a lot of attention from his person! He enjoys sleeping under the covers, playing with squeaky toys, rubber toys, sticks, and stuffed animals! He is not afraid of big dogs, as he ran circles around her friend's Rottweiler, and they played well together. He enjoys walks around the block, but he needs a little more leash-training. He does seem to not like random people and he will growl at them, although he has not bitten anyone. It has been kids more than adults that he growls at, and he loves his foster mom's 9-year-old daughter, but she believes he will do best in a home without children under age 10. He knows some commands and doesn't show any food aggression. He is fully house-trained and has had no accidents in his foster home. He sleeps in his foster mom's bed every night but also uses dog beds. His foster mom describes him as a "needy dog!"
More pictures of Prince.


Dusty is an amazing little dog. He is so resilient. After having been found starving and matted in a ditch, he is still sweet-natured, affectionate, and trusting. He seems to be an approximately 10-year-old spaniel-dachshund cross and is house trained. Dusty deeply appreciates affection shown to him and sighs with pleasure when you stroke him. He isn’t really a lap dog but likes to press against you and loves a belly rub. As he has recovered his strength, he has become playful and enjoys going for walks. He is relaxed with other dogs. Dusty really likes school-aged children, has a special, excited bark he uses when he sees them, and will go towards them if permitted. He can be quite communicative at times and will sometimes bark softly to let you know he wants something. All in all, he asks for very little and gives back a great deal. What a dog!
More pictures of Dusty.


Garnet is a 12-year-old Corgi mix who was turned in to the shelter by his owner. He has dry eye in both eyes and will always need eye medication. Garnet has been so sweet and calm in his foster home. He likes to cuddle with the family at night. He’s housetrained, and so far he has had no accidents in the house. He does well on a leash and is not food aggressive. He doesn’t jump up on any furniture, and his foster mom thinks he may not be able to. She helps him onto the bed. He is able to jump down, although she tries to help him so he doesn’t hurt himself. He likes to lie at her feet most of the time. She thinks he would be a great companion to an older couple.
More pictures of Garnet.


Missy is probably about a year old and has a lot of energy. She needs a home where she can get plenty of regular exercise, with walks and preferably a fenced yard. She also could benefit from some obedience training. She is very sweet and friendly and just full of exuberance. She was tried in a home with cats, and she showed too much interest in them, so any placement with cats would require time, patience, and training.
More pictures of Missy.


Pepe was formerly Taco, but his foster family have given him a new name. He is a 5-year-old male Chihuahua mix. He is very small, weighing 10 pounds, and is house-trained. He likes to lap-sit and may have some separation anxiety, so we would like to find a home where he won't be left alone for long periods. His foster family says he's a door-dasher, (No, he doesn't deliver food, just makes a break for it when the door opens!) so a situation where he can't dash out into the street would be a big plus.
More pictures of Pepe.

HANNAH                         HIGGINS

Hannah Higgins

Hannah is a small terrier mix. She weighs 6.4 pounds and is about 7-8 years old. Higgins is a plump little male who looks like he might have some Papillon in his family tree. He weighs 8.8 pounds and is also about 7-8 years old. They came to us from the shelter together and are very much bonded with each other. They both are scheduled for dental cleanings, but the vet says their general health is good. Both dogs are cuddly little lap-sitters, and they are even happy to share a lap together. We don't know about their behavior with children, cats, or other dogs yet, but they don't seem to be fearful and appear friendly and happy with whatever adult is willing to spoil them. We believe they need to stay together and will be looking for a home that can accommodate them both.
More pictures of Hannah and Higgins.


If you are looking for the perfect companion to spend your COVID days, and hopefully soon, your post-COVID days with, then maybe you can stop your search right now and check out this wonderful dog. Doug, named after the dog in the movie "Up," ("Squirrel!" and "I do not like this cone of shame!") is a 52-pound, six-years-young golden retriever mix. He is sweet and calm but also playful, especially at his favorite dog park. Doug is easy to walk, gets along beautifully with everyone: cats, other dogs, children, etc., and, best of all, is completely housetrained. He has perfect house manners and knows the commands "sit" and "paw." His foster mom thinks that Doug would make a terrific therapy dog. All Doug needs now is to find his forever home. Won't you be the one to give it to him?
More pictures of Doug.


Max is a senior terrier mix, about 9 years old. He weighs 15 pounds and is housetrained and well-behaved. His foster mom says he never barks and seems to like everyone, including cats and other dogs.
More pictures of Max.

Other Adoptables

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***"Other Adoptables" (when listed) are NOT in the SARG program, but they still need love and a forever home. Please contact the owners directly by clicking on the link. Please do not contact SARG. SARG offers no guarantee in any way related to any non-SARG animal -- the rescues, shelters, or owners involved provide their own descriptions, terms, and guarantees.

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