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Oak Ridge, TN
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Dogs Available for Adoption


Gunther is a dear, cuddly two-year-old Chihuahua. His former owners loved their dogs but had to give them up when they went into assisted living. So Gunther comes from a caring home where he was used to the company of several other dogs. He is pretty laid-back and is easy to walk on a leash (with a harness). He is so appreciative of attention, loves to be in contact with you and closes his eyes and all but purrs when you pet him. He can be very funny, especially when he wags his whole body in greeting. He is housetrained and is not a fussy eater. He seems a bit nervous with men, but he can be won over with a little patience. This sweet-tempered little fellow is a perfect companion for someone who is looking for a real lap dog.
More pictures of Gunther.


Sugar is a 10-year-old Jack Russell mix. She weighs approximately 14 pounds. She is sweet and loving. She loves to snuggle and watch television or read a book. She gets along with the other dogs and the cat in her foster home. As you can see from her pictures, Sugar loves basking in the sun. She also likes to play chase with her foster brothers. She seems to be housetrained, but might have an accident on occasion. Sugar would make a great addition to a loving family and a great companion to another dog. Sugar is as sweet as her name implies.
More pictures of Sugar.


Introducing sweet Josephine--or Josie as her foster mother calls her. Josie is about a year old, weighs 30 pounds and is a very playful pup who loves other dogs. She adores children and women, and also men -- once she interacts with them for about five minutes. Josie likes to play with cats, sometimes more than they want to play with her, so she would probably do better with a cat who is prepared to give her a good swat on the nose. She especially loves to play with other dogs and she would love to have another doggy companion in the house. Josie is crate-trained, easy on a leash and has incredibly soulful eyes and pettable soft fur. Her markings are beautiful. She is fully house-trained and loves to play with her chew toys. And in case you are wondering about those shaved patches on her skin, they were infected and treated cuts that are now all better. Looking at Josie's photos, how could anyone resist this pup with such an adorable, goofy doggy grin?
More pictures of Josephine.
Video of Josephine.


Zep is a 7-to-10-year-old rat-terrier mix who came to SARG after being found as a stray in Anderson County. He is a funny, quirky, chatty little guy who is what we call in rescue an "easy keeper." He is almost the perfect dog and no trouble at all. He is housetrained and doesn't bother anything at all in the house. He likes to go for walks but does not need to go all that far nor all that fast. He's more interested in checking out the scene. He rides well in the car and is always ready to go. He does like to "talk" to you while he is in the backseat. We think he is asking if we can go by Dairy Queen for a pup cup. (Yes, Dairy Queen will give out a "pup cup" of vanilla ice cream.) He will let you know when someone new comes into the house, but he settles down quickly and will soon be up on his haunches being cute. He does that, a lot. We are not quite sure why he does it, but he does it quite a bit along with some grunts, like he is trying to tell you something. The foster home thinks he is one very special guy who is very deserving of a great home. He does not ask for much: some cushy dog beds, good food, some walks and a little bit of attention. He gets along fine with other dogs and would probably be OK with older kids. At adoption events he has completely ignored cats.
More pictures of Zeppo.

Happy Tails -- Dogs Adopted or Pending


Charles Dean
Charles Dean is an 11-year-old miniature poodle. He was used for breeding and then discarded when he was no longer useful. A kind individual rescued him from being euthanized, had him neutered, and asked SARG to help find him the loving home he has never had. He had to have all his teeth removed, but he is learning to live in a foster home where he is quickly catching on to housetraining. He will come with things his foster mom has bought for him -- his bed, food, jammies, belly bands, and toy. So far, he still wears a belly band indoors to prevent marking. He is an adorably cute little guy who is ready to live his best years with someone who will love and take care of him.
More pictures of Charles Dean.
Video of Charles Dean rolling in the grass, just two days after major dental surgery.


Looking for a smart, well mannered, sweet dog to add to your family? If so, Abram's your boy! Abram is a black Lab and border collie mix and is approximately four years old. He knows several commands and is very obedient. Abram loves spending time outdoors, taking sunbaths, going for long rides in the car, visiting the local dog park, and going for walks or runs -- just whatever you prefer. But he is also partial to hanging out with the family inside. He is a perfect gentleman and does not jump on the furniture or even beg for your dinner! Abram has stayed with a family where there are children and other family pets. He is everyone's friend -- including the cat! Abram is currently the Guest Ambassador at a hotel in downtown Knoxville where his foster mom works. Abram needs a home with a fenced yard, a warm bed, and lots of love. Abram has been neutered, has all of his vaccinations, and is ready for his forever family. Can you be the family he has been waiting for? If you think you might be, feel free to call or email any time. A home inspection will be required -- after all, Abram is a very special fella!
More pictures of Abram.


Rocky weighs about 40 pounds and is 9 years old. He loves to go for walks and car rides and has plenty of energy to go on hikes or play fetch. He gets along with other dogs and cats and is housetrained. He knows several commands -- someone has taken time with him in his past to train him. Rocky has a very sweet disposition and just wants to be loved.
More pictures of Rocky.


Judd is a mature little guy who just wants to spend quality time with you. He was given up after his owners had to move to assisted living. He is well mannered, calm and affectionate. He has mastered the doggie door. He fits in nicely with other dogs and requires very little. Treat him like the treasure he is and this sweet boy will return the love many times over. He would be perfect for anyone who would enjoy a low-key, loving lap dog as a loyal companion.
More pictures of Judd.


Zoe is about 2 years old. We think she is Chihuahua/pug with maybe something else mixed in. She came from a home with a mom who loved her dearly but was no longer able to take care of her. Up until she came to her foster home, her life was spent inside, usually on her mom's lap. She weighs about 15 pounds and is full of energy. She enjoys playing with her toys, of which she has many. She still has some puppy in her, but when it comes to nap time she loves to curl up in a lap for a cuddle. She has an older foster sister, a Jack Russell/Chihuahua, and she gets along great with her. They share toys, water and sometimes food without too much friction. She is still getting used to being outside and sometimes is scared when the wind blows. She jumps on occasion when a leaf moves. She is doing extremely well with house-training. She will let you know when she needs to go, which is usually right after she eats. She is also trained to go on a pee pad when there is no one to let her out. Zoe is used to being in a kennel during the day and that is where she prefers to sleep and take her toys to keep them away from her sister. She is still learning to walk on a leash and ride in a car. At present we are sticking with putting her in a kennel for trips. She is sweet and cuddly and fun to watch at play.
More pictures of Zoe.


Honey is a young Chihuahua mix who wants someone to love and snuggle with. She's about 1½ years old and weighs 10 pounds. She is a bit timid now, but we believe she will shine when she finds her forever home and feels secure. She is named for her personality -- she loves to be picked up and held and is going to be someone's loyal and loving companion.
More pictures of Honey.


Suzie is a Basset hound mix about 4 years old. She is laid-back and not overly active, but she does like to follow her nose, as any hound does, and we believe she would do best in a home with a fenced yard. We also would like to find her a home without small children.
More pictures of Suzie.


Pepper is a male Shih-tzu. He is a cute little guy who weighs just under 10 pounds and is about 4 years old.
More pictures of Pepper.


Little Buddy is a 15-pound, 4-year-old, possible Chihuahua/terrier mix. He was surrended to SARG when his owner was no longer able to care for him. He had been in residence with his owner at an assisted living center. He is a calm little boy who definitely loves attention. He quickly picked up the doggie door at his foster home and has decided that playing with his foster brother is fun. Buddy is a fairly calm and quiet little guy who's a delight to have around. He likes to go for walks and have some time in the sunshine. Buddy has adjusted very well to being around other dogs and would probably be fine as either an only dog or having a friend or two around. He is housetrained and has not bothered anything in the house and has not really shown much interest in toys. Buddy is ready to find his new home and walking partner.
More pictures of Buddy.

Other Adoptables

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***"Other Adoptables" (when listed) are NOT in the SARG program, but they still need love and a forever home. Please contact the owners directly by clicking on the link. Please do not contact SARG. SARG offers no guarantee in any way related to any non-SARG animal -- the rescues, shelters, or owners involved provide their own descriptions, terms, and guarantees.

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