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Oak Ridge, TN
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Animals in Permanent Foster Care

Since SARG is a no-kill organization, and these animals have been with us for a long time, we would appreciate contributions for their continuing care to cover medications and special foods. They are mostly senior animals who have been unable to find forever homes because of age and/or health conditions.


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Belle is a big, beautiful silver-gray tuxedo cat, 14 years old. She is a sweet-natured cat who gets along with most of the cats in her foster home. She is quite happy to sit on the couch by you whenever possible, and she is not at all skittish about strangers who happen to visit. She has lived and gotten along with a Dachshund, as well as with young children with no problems. Belle has been diagnosed with kidney disease in 2017, and she will be staying in her foster home indefinitely.


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Daisy is a 6 to 7-year-old Chihuahua mix. She has developed a level-4 heart murmur and will remain in her current foster home as a permanent resident. She is a loving and gentle dog. She likes close body contact when lying on the couch with her people. Daisy is crate-trained and house-trained. Daisy goes for two-mile walks daily, weather permitting. Daisy likes to play with rubber squeaky toys and does not tear them up. She likes you to toss the toy slightly in the air so she can try to catch it and then do it all over again. She is an easy-going and laid-back dog.


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Mimi is a black "special needs" kitty -- she was born feral with two litter mates in June, 2009. We believe that these kittens have Siamese somewhere in their lineage. Her litter mates were less feral in behavior, and have been adopted. Mimi lives in a foster home with other cats and plays and gets along well with them. She lived for a while in a foster home with a large dog and didn't seem to mind him. She loves to cuddle in bed with people at night, and at that time loves to be petted. During other times, Mimi will let people get only so close, although she'll play with people who have interactive toys. This kitty needs a good home with people who have the patience to work with her, and don't mind that she's a shy girl.
more pictures of Mimi.




Ella was adopted from SARG in 2006, and she returned to us in 2014 when her adopter had to move and was not able to find a place that would allow a pet. She returned to finish out her life with her original, loving foster mom. Ella died in March, 2018. Thanks to her foster mom for the years of care she gave to Ella, who was named for her own granddaughter.


Susie Q

Sweet Susie Q passed away on September 23, 2017. She is very much missed by all of us in SARG and especially by her foster mom, who gave her great love and care for several years, and who wrote the following poem in Susie's honor:

"I'm a Foster Dog named SuzyQ, and sometimes called Suzy-Girl.
But, no one wanted to adopt me, or give me a whirl.
So, to all those 2-legged critters that didn't like to hear me bark,
I have some news for you --
I'm a dog -- dogs bark -- it's what we do!!!
So when I was barking, it was because I wanted some attention from YOU.
AND what have you missed since September of 2009?
.... As told by Foster A. Pett, a very good friend of mine! "



Sadly, Cyrus passed away in July, 2017. We thank his foster family for the tremendous love and support that they gave him throughout his time with SARG.



Our condolences to Sammie's foster mon, who cared for him for the entire nine years that he was with us, beginning in 2008. He passed away on March 4, 2017.

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