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Oak Ridge, TN
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Other Adoptables

These animals are NOT in the SARG program, but they still need love and a forever home; SARG offers no guarantee in any way related to any non-SARG animal -- the rescues, shelters, or owners involved provide their own descriptions, terms, and guarantees.


Are you looking for a little buddy to follow you around and keep you company? Meet Ollie! Ollie is someone who isn’t very jumpy and does the sweetest little happy dance at meal time! Ollie would love to be SPOILED. And I mean spoiled rotten. He would love to be allowed on furniture, kissed, cuddled, and hugged. He responds fast to correction when he hears the neighbor's dogs bark and wants to chime in. He is smart and learns really fast! He sits for meals and goes to the restroom outdoors.

Did I mention. He is super squishy too?? He’s 4½ months old, has been vetted and is due back for his next shots in about 10 days. We will have him neutered before his adoption is finalized.

Are you that special someone? If you think so, please contact Charice Davis for an application: or call 865-315-2989. He will not be first-come, first-serve, but go to the best fit for him. A 2-week trial and home visit will be required -- this is a special baby! [Posted 8/7/2022]
More pictures of Ollie.


Akira is our sweet, 11-month-old husky mix who was rescued from being a stray. She loves to play, go for walks, and spend time with her owners. She is a very loving girl and is always up for anything... from snuggling on the couch to going on an adventure outdoors. She is currently working on potty training, but is beginning to get the hang of it very quickly! She is good with other dogs as far as we can tell, and she is most definitely a social butterfly. She loves everyone she comes in contact with! Akira needs a home with lots of love and attention, and preferably a fenced yard! She is set to be spayed soon, and will be ready for her furever home! Adoption inquiries may email Kylie at or contact me at 615.812.4034! [Posted 7/25/2022]
More pictures of Akira.

The following 12 kitties all come from the same source, a rescuer whose situation has changed and who needs to find homes for all of them as soon as possible. The contact information for all of them is the same: email or call 865-300-3550. [Posted 7/23/2022]


Layla -- Female; tan/black tabby with a little orange mixed in. Born around 10/2020; spayed & shots updated 5/19/22. Layla is one of our new mommies; her 2 kittens were born on 2/11/22; Lily is one of her babies; the 2nd kitty from her litter has already been adopted.


Sketch -- Male, black/white; born 2/15/2022; neutered & vaccinated 6/30/22. Sketch is Delila’s brother and they are from our 3rd litter, by mommy Sid (already adopted), in which there were 5 kittens. The other 3 kittens are already adopted.


Sasha -- Female; muted calico tabby; born 1/30/2021;
spayed & shots updated 5/19/22;
Leo is her brother; Sasha is also a new mommy. Her 4 kittens were born 1/15/22. Sam is the only kitten left from her litter


Leo -- Male; brown/black tabby w/ spiral on side. Born 1/30/2021; neutered; shots updated 7/5/22; Sasha is his sister.


Kiki-- Female; dark calico tabby; born 3/15/2021; spayed & shots updated 5/19/22. Cotton & JackJack are her siblings; Kiki is also a new mommy. Her 5 kittens were born on 2/20/22; Misha & Scarlett are her daughters. Her other 3 kittens have already been adopted.


Cotton -- Male, white with green/yellow eyes; born 3/15/2021. Neutered & shots updated 7/5/22; JackJack & Kiki are his siblings.


JackJack -- Male; black & white, with black nose; born 3/15/2021. Neutered & shots updated 7/5/22; Cotton & Kiki are his siblings.


Sam -- Female; black calico; born 1/15/2022; spayed 4/22/22. Sam has not had her rabies vaccine yet. She was too young at the time she was spayed, but she will be getting it soon, before she goes to her new home. Sam is one of Sasha’s 4 babies, and the only one we have left from that litter.


Delila -- Female; black/white; born 2/15/2022; spayed & vaccinated 6/30/22. Delila is Sketch’s sister and they are from our 3rd litter, by mommy Sid (already adopted), in which there were 5 kittens. The other 3 kittens are already adopted.


Lily -- Female; white salt & pepper tabby; born 2/11/2022; spayed & vaccinated 6/30/22. She is mostly white with salt & pepper stripes and a little smattering of orange here and there. Lily is one of Layla’s babies, and is the only one left from her litter.

Scarlet and Misha

Scarlet -- Female; white calico, long hair; born 2/20/2022; spayed & vaccinated 6/30/22.

Misha -- Female; white calico, short hair with black patch around right eye; born 2/20/2022; spayed & vaccinated 6/30/22.

Misha and Scarlett are sisters from our 4th mommy (Kiki). There were 5 kittens in their litter; the other 3 have been adopted.



Looking for someone to keep your lap warm, with soft purrs and gentle biscuit-making? Lucy is your girl! Looking for some entertainment? Give this Lucy Lady a bit of catnip and she will throw her toy mice in the air and then pounce on them when they land! She loves to play!

Lucy is an older lady, but has many good years ahead of her as an indoor-only cat. She loves to be brushed and even bathed. A little history...she was living on the streets and severely malnourished, until a kind veterinarian spent 3 months nursing her back to health at the clinic. Taken home by a vet assistant, we learned she needs to be the only cat. Due to unrest in her multi-cat home, she's looking for her fur-ever home and bff to cuddle on the couch with. Please email or call 865-315-2989 to arrange to meet and adopt Lucy. [Posted 6/12/2022]
Another picture of Lucy.
A video of Lucy playing.


Sally is a 3.5-year-old female lab/terrier mix (been told she looks part pit). I adopted her from Tulsa Animal Shelter in June 2020. She is fixed and up to date on all her vaccines. She weighs 50 pounds and is good with people--very loving and always wants to cuddle. She is good with kids but never been around babies. She has reactivity issues with other dogs and harmed another dog in my apartment complex, which is why I am being forced to rehome her or be evicted. It made me realize she needs more space/time/attention and I cannot give her that because I took a new job and am working 60 hours/week. She is crate-trained, potty-trained, leash-trained and knows sit, wait, place, down, heel, and break.

She would be best suited for a calm home, likely with a divide between pets at introduction. She does okay after she has met new dogs through a fence--at doggy daycare they separate her through a fence so she can smell/gauge the others before letting her join the play. She sleeps a lot but also loves to run. She is accustomed to being left alone about 6 hours at time until the dog walker comes to take her out.

Sally is a wonderful girl. She has been doing obedience/aggression training at OLK9 in Knoxville and has completed 3/7 weekly lessons. The remaining lessons are paid for and I hope her new family will continue them so she will be more calm and not reactive any more. Please email or call 909-477-0507 immediately if you can provide the loving home that Sally needs. [Posted 5/21/2022]
More pictures of Sally.


Mickey D
Mickey Dee (that handsome black fella) has had over a month of training, socializing, and hands on work PLUS he's recently neutered. He says he's ready for a home. He wants to walk the red carpet.

This guy is special. Black pits have zero chance in the system. His temperament is amazing. Obviously he loves dogs. He loves cats too-but plays WAAAY too rough with them; however he's learning quickly and is completely comfortable around them. We will be picky about the home he goes to. He will be a family member.

Please share--a thousand times today. This dog was rescued by a musician friend in Nashville from the streets who certainly saved him from being euthanized. His best story is about to be told. Let's write him a happy ending. Go on, give us a call or shoot us an email! Mickey Dee can't wait to meet you! Email or call 865-315-2989. [Updated 6/5/2022]
More pictures of Mickey D.


Nia is a 4-year-old female, recently-spayed chow/husky mix. She is up to date on vaccines and current on heartworm prevention and is heartworm-negative. She is learning leash walking and commands. She is very sweet and affectionate and loves her toys! She is shy of men and would require a quiet calm man to adjust. She does good with pretty much all women and will quickly warm up. Nia requires some time to introduce to other dogs and does best with chill boy dogs. She is most definitely an alpha female dog. Nia will chase cats, so best for her to not live with cats. This girl is gorgeous and soft as a stuffed animal. Please email if you are interested in meeting Nia. [Posted 5/5/2022]
More pictures of Nia.


Ernie is a 2-year-old male neutered blue tabby with tan undertones. He was trapped with a feral colony and quickly decided people were ok by him. He has been fully vaccinated and has been neutered, tested, dewormed and is up to date on prevention. He loves pets and is good with other cats. He was a skinny boy, so he is eating like a pig still. He seems unconcerned regarding dogs. While Ernie enjoys petting, being picked up is out of his comfort zone. He may adjust with time, but picking him up will cause him to try to get away. Would you like to add this sweet boy to your home? He is big and already 10 pounds. Please email if you are interested in meeting Ernie. [Posted 5/1/2022]
More pictures of Ernie.


Helloooooo nice person! I'm Bob! You say you're looking for a dog??? That's amazing! Because I am a dog! You say you knew that? That you came here to the rescue group looking for ME? Truly? You saw me on Facebook or Petfinder when your friend shared my link on their page, and said I was a handsome, old boy in Tennessee who needed someone JUST LIKE THEM to be totally happy for the rest of his life? Well, isn't that amazing! I guess that means we're going to be best friends FOREVER!

Bob is a 10-years-young Lab and hound mix and is living at a boarding kennel where he was abandoned 4 years ago. It just so happens that this kennel is owned by one of the best trainers in the region, so Bob is complety trained, and some lessons will be included in his adoption at no extra charge. Bob is neutered, up to date on vaccines, energetic, happy-go-lucky, and has loads of love and affection to give. If you think you are able to give Bob the family that he has always wanted, please give us a call. Charice Davis 865-315-2989 or email [Posted 4/19/2022]
Another picture of Bob.


My name is Prissy. I need a new, wonderful home. My elderly parent just passed away in January. I am a sweet cuddle bug that has plenty of love to give. I love belly rubs and to be close to my owner. I am around 8 to 10 years old and weigh 33 lbs. I was a shelter dog, so we're not sure of my exact age. My only fault is that I need to be an only dog. I do not do well with other dogs. This makes my human sister extremely sad because she wants to keep me, but she has 3 dogs of her own. If you have room in your heart for me, I have plenty of love for you. By the way, I am used to being spoiled. You can contact my sister, Diane, at 865-924-0055. [Posted 4/14/2022]
More pictures of Prissy.

Happy Tails -- Pets Adopted or Pending


Take a look at this handsome guy! Rocco is a 9-month-old Australian shepherd mix. Not much is known about Rocco’s pup-hood, but we imagine he was a cute little guy. Right now, Rocco’s favorite things are running, playing outside, enjoying sunny spots, and getting extra attention from the ladies working in the kennels. He also enjoys trying to lie on everyone’s laps, even though he might be too big. Rocco loves to show off his tricks to everyone with a treat in hand or an ear-rub to offer.

Rocco can be a bit fearful and needs training but is very sweet once he gets to know you. He is a Lab/Australian shepherd mix, neutered, vaccinated, heartworm-negative, and on prevention. He will sit, shake, take treats, be petted, and likes to be brushed (not so keen on the nail trims). Per previous owner he likes to chase cats, so he would be better in a home without cats. [Posted 7/5/2022]
More pictures of Rocco.


Need a swimming buddy or a friend to go to the lake with? Just in time for the season, here's Piper! This sweet little swimmer is searching for a family who shares her love of the water. This baby girl is up for lots of swimming (good luck getting her out of the pool!). She also loves playing ball, cuddling and receiving frequent belly rubs. She is a spunky little puppy with a great big personality. She will bring joy and liveliness to any home. Piper is a social butterfly, is dog- and cat-friendly and just loves everyone she meets. Piper is an 8-month-old terrier mix and will grow up to be a medium-sized dog. She is house-trained, crate-trained, up to date on vaccines and will be spayed in the coming weeks. If you would like to meet Piper and can give her a place in your home with all the love and attention she craves, please call Charice at 865-315-2989 or email at to schedule your meet-and-greet with Piper. [Posted 6/16/2022]
More pictures of Piper.


Josephine has always wanted a home of her own. She has had some hard times and is hoping to put all of that behind her, now that her puppies have all been adopted! Josephine is a sweet 2-year-old hound mix who is always on the hunt for a snuggle or pat on the head. She will be a loyal companion to anyone who will be kind to her, give her a warm bed and a full belly. Josephine has much to learn, but is eager to please and learns easily. Josephine is spayed and up to date on her vaccines. If you think you can give this gorgeous girl what she has always dreamed of, go on and pick up the phone, give us a call at 865-315-2989 or just send an email to [Posted 5/11/2022]
Another picture of Josephine.


Karma's just a big baby looking for a belly rub...This girl is a beautiful brindle American pit bull terrier and is the sweetest girl around. She loves to dress up and look her best amd really, really loves to play ball. She is afraid of the rain and truly believes that she is a lap dog. Karma is great with children, cats and dogs, but sometes needs a bodyguard because she usually gets bullied because she is so submissive. Karma is potty trained, is working on crate training, knows how to sit and sometimes stay. She's just a little over 1 year old, is spayed and up to date on her vaccines. If you are looking for your one true love, give Karma a try! She is a special little girl. If you can give Karma the chance of a lifetime, please call Charice @ 865-315-2989 or email [Posted 4/23/2022]
More pictures of Karma.


Luna Daisy & Mario Luigi
null Sassy Peach
4/16/2022-- Only Peach is now available! All the others are in their forever homes pending final adoption. Super playful! Mountain cur and hound mix. These little cuties are approximately 6 weeks old (March 15) and are so cute they might just break your heart. They were found out in the woods in a dilapidated, abandoned trailer with their mama. Mama is a stray and was too thin to feed them, so they went straight to their foster home, where they are now safe and warm. All pups will receive their puppy shots and spay/neuters before being permanently adopted. If you're interested in making one or more of these little babies part of your family, call Charice at 865-315-2989 or email at, but hurry...they won't last long!
More pictures of the puppies.


The first thing you will notice about Tinka is her stunning good looks! When you finally get over how pretty she is, you will be charmed by her super sweet disposition. Tinka is the ultimate cuddlebug. She definitely likes her lovin', but has an affinity for long hikes, runs in the park, and regular car rides. Tinka was pulled from death row in a high-kill shelter with just hours to spare, and she now resides in her foster home with her foster mom and K9 foster sister Ellie May -- who both give Tinka an A+. Tinka is learning her basic commands, is potty-trained and is being crate-trained. She is a wonderful student so far and is eager to please! Tinka is a Carolina dog and shepherd mix and is right at 1½ years old. She weighs approximately 40 pounds. She is spayed and her vaccines are up to date. If you think you can give Tinka a loving home where she never has to worry about losing her family again, call Charice at 865-315-2989 or email @ You won't be sorry! She is just a great girl!
More pictures of Tinka.

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