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Other Adoptables

These animals are NOT in the SARG program, but they still need love and a forever home; SARG offers no guarantee in any way related to any non-SARG animal -- the rescues, shelters, or owners involved provide their own descriptions, terms, and guarantees.


Darien is a handsome 11-month-old blond tabby who might be shy, but he's full of love! Nicknamed "the Blond Bombshell," he likes quietly observing his people more than his sisters Serena, Raye, and Amy -- though he likes to get up-close and personal for snuggles, too. Darien is neutered and, like his sisters, is currently up to date on his shots and comes with full medical records. He's ready for his close up! Please contact Alicia at (606)896-0328 or email for more information about Darien. [Posted 7/3/2020]


If you're looking for a sweet and outgoing cat, Serena will fit the bill! She's a gorgeous 11-month-old tortoiseshell who loves to make new friends and knows the best spot to take the most awesome naps -- your lap, of course. Like her brother Darien and sisters Amy and Raye, she has full medical records, is current on all shots, and has also been spayed. This snugglebunny is ready to go home! Please contact Alicia at (606)896-0328 or email for more information about Serena. [Posted 7/3/2020]


Don't let her grumpy looks deceive you; Raye is more of a sweetheart than she looks! Raye is an 11-month-old dilute tortie who loves being around people and getting all the attention, so feel free to shower her with the compliments she deserves. Raye is spayed and, just like her sisters Serena and Amy and her brother Darien, she is up-to-date on her shots and comes with full medical records. This sassy girl would be a fun addition to your home! Please contact Alicia at (606)896-0328 or email for more information about Raye. [Posted 7/3/2020]


Amy doesn't know any strangers, just friends! Amy is a sweet and friendly 11-month-old lady who loves to meet new people and claim a lap or two for a good cuddle. With her rare reverse tortoiseshell coloring and big heart, she truly is a collector's edition! Amy has been spayed and is current with her shots and medical records, just like her sisters Raye and Serena and her brother Darien. A sweetie like this is a rare find, indeed! Please contact Alicia at (606)896-0328 or email for more information about Amy. [Posted 7/3/2020]


Sweet Pea
Sweet pea is a senior calico who is approximately 12 to 13 years old. She is spayed and up-to-date on her shots. She is a very gentle cat and will do well with children. I have owned her for almost 2 years. She is a more dominant cat than Smokey. The previous owner stated that Sweet Pea had lived with dogs. She is content to sit on your lap. For more information on adopting her, call or text 423-329-2004 in West Knoxville. [Posted 6/13/2020]
More pictures of Sweet Pea.


Smokey is an approximately 10-year-old adult neutered male searching for his forever home. He is about 11 pounds and up-to-date on his shots. He is a bit shy at first, but he warms up and does well with children and other pets. He likes to sleep with his humans at night. For more information on adopting him, call or text 423-329-2004 in West Knoxville. [Posted 6/13/2020]
Another picture of Smokey.


This is Clementine; she was born in a litter of 4. Her mother was abandoned after a family moved away and shortly gave birth to Clementine. She is a calm and quiet cat that enjoys playing with sticks and feathered toys. She likes to sit by windows and watch birds. She does okay with other cats and with other dogs. Clementine came into this world with a twin sister named Caren. If you are interested in Clementine, please call 865-963-9766. [Posted 5/27/2020]
Another picture of Clementine.


This is April; she is a white and gray tabby. She is very curious and full of love. She is a little mischievous; however she is a great pet. April loves to cuddle and sleep with you, and she will be a great addition to any family. If you are interested in April, please call 865-963-9766. [Posted 5/27/2020]
Another picture of April.


This is Max and he is a beautiful Gray Tabby. He is very playful and enjoys hanging out in the bathroom. Max likes to give your legs kisses and enjoys playing with moving lasers. He eats both dry and wet food and is easy to maintain. He is a fun-loving cat with a positive energy and a great napping buddy. If you are interested in Max, please call 865-963-9766. [Posted 5/27/2020]


This is Caren; she is a cute, laid-back and shy cat. She enjoys the occasional belly rub and long afternoon naps. She was born with a twin sister named Clementine. Caren is an amazing cat to have because she is low-maintenance and quiet. If you are interested in Caren, please call 865-963-9766. [Posted 5/27/2020]
Another picture of Caren.


Loretta Lynn
Loretta Lynn is looking for her furrever home where she can play your heartstrings! Loretta is a gorgeous girl with an amazing soft coat. She is very affectionate and will sleep with you if you like. This girl is extra unique in that she is a dilute tortoiseshell. Loretta Lynn is faint FIV + still, but this doesn't stop her! She has been fully vetted with blood work and a dental cleaning and is up to date on vaccines. While Loretta loves her humans, she prefers to live with no cats or very mellow cats that give her space. She tolerates dogs in her domain as well. If you need some cat love and torti-tude in your life, this is your lovely lady! Please email if you are interested in Loretta Lynn.

Please read here about FIV.  FIV-positive cats live very normal lives. She is FIV-positive because she was dumped at a motel and had to fend for herself. She is now fully recovered and looking for her castle! [Updated 5/2/2020]
More pictures of Loretta Lynn.


Kenny is my name because I sing like the greats! I found this great food supply in this barn while my new foster mom was cleaning horse stalls. I wandered right in and said thank you! In turn, I got all fixed up with my vaccines and got neutered, and now I don't have to scrap for food. I tested negative for feline leukemia and FIV. I am a purr machine! I'm still a bit on the skinny side, but I will fatten up soon. I am going to be a BIG boy since I weighed in at just under 10 pounds and 1 year old and quite thin. Can I come be your purrever boy? Please email if you are interested in meeting me! [Posted 3/28/2020]
More pictures of Kenny.

Happy Tails -- Pets Adopted or Pending


Whiskey is about 7 years old and is a Dachshund/beagle mix. He is neutered, up to date on all vaccines, house-trained and crate-trained. He unfortunately does not get along with children or other dominant pets, which is the reason why we have to rehome him. Otherwise he a very sweet dog who loves to cuddle and snacks and hanging out outside with you. He is very smart and knows basic commands. [Posted 7/7/2020]


Wally is a male goldendoodle, 10 months old and weighing around 50-55 pounds. He is housetrained and crate-trained. All his vaccines are up to date. He has not been neutered yet because his vet had intended to wait until he was a year old; however, he will be neutered before going to his new home. Wally has been on Sentinel monthly. He loves children, especially my nephew who is autistic. Wally follows him all over the house and puts his head in my nephew's lap when he starts stressing or panicking. He wants to cuddle and lie on the couch, and he plays well with other dogs, large and small. He's currently living in my parents' multi-bird home and he doesn't bother them. He has visited for a couple days in my house with 2 dog-friendly cats; he barked at first, but when they walked up to him, he just wanted to sniff them and never bothered them after that. Update 7/26/20: Wally has found his new home! Thank you to all who kindly offered this boy a home. [Posted 7/24/2020]


This is Gracie. She is very adorable and loves attention. She enjoys taking cozy naps and giving little kisses. Gracie likes following you everywhere you go. She is a bundle of joy who is smart and curious. Gracie is on the smaller side; however it does not stop her from getting into mischief. She is an overall sweetheart and fun to play with. [Posted 5/27/2020]
Another picture of Gracie.


Penny, a sweet abandoned beagle, needs a home. She is up to date on shots, spayed, and is now on monthly heartworm preventative. She is currently on antibiotics for a tick-borne illness. She is 6-8 years old. Penny loves people and gets along well with other dogs, but she shows a little dislike toward larger female dogs. She is overweight but is slowly losing pounds since being put on a normal diet. She isn’t totally housetrained, so a good fenced yard is a must. This dog loves being indoors with you and sleeping on a big dog pillow next to your bed. [Posted 09/21/2019]
More pictures of Penny.


Duchess is a sheltie mix who is about 7 years old. She was adopted from a shelter about three years ago. She loves people and doesn’t know a stranger. She tends to keep to herself, but will also act playful and loves affection. She loves patrolling the neighborhood on walks, but can act aggressive toward other dogs when on the leash. However, she’s quite social at a dog park. She likes to give people "hugs" by burying her face in between your legs for pets. She also loves looking out the front door and sleeping in the sun. Duchess would do best in a home without children, as she’s begun to show signs of jealousy since the birth of our daughter (chewing and marking spots in the house). That being said, she does well with children and is very patient and never shows aggression towards them. She is allergic to chicken-based food, so she is currently on a beef-based dog food. She is spayed and potty trained. [Posted 03/6/2020]
More pictures of Duchess.

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