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Other Adoptables

These animals are NOT in the SARG program, but they still need love and a forever home; SARG offers no guarantee in any way related to any non-SARG animal -- the rescues, shelters, or owners involved provide their own descriptions, terms, and guarantees.


This is Winston; he is a terrier mix, a small dog approximately 8 years old and very sweet and well behaved. He is a quiet companion who is happy to curl up next to you or close by, though not necessarily right on your lap. He also enjoys daily walks. Winston is an inside dog who needs a loving home with someone there most of the time, since he does suffer from separation anxiety and becomes quite agitated when left alone. He weighs approximately 19-20 pounds and is neutered and microchipped. He's current on vaccinations, and I can pass his records on to whoever adopts him. Please send a text message to (361)510-8504 if interested, and I will call you back. Adoption terms will include references and a home visit. [Posted 03/6/2020]
More pictures of Winston.


Duchess is a sheltie mix who is about 7 years old. She was adopted from a shelter about three years ago. She loves people and doesn’t know a stranger. She tends to keep to herself, but will also act playful and loves affection. She loves patrolling the neighborhood on walks, but can act aggressive toward other dogs when on the leash. However, she’s quite social at a dog park. She likes to give people "hugs" by burying her face in between your legs for pets. She also loves looking out the front door and sleeping in the sun. Duchess would do best in a home without children, as she’s begun to show signs of jealousy since the birth of our daughter (chewing and marking spots in the house). That being said, she does well with children and is very patient and never shows aggression towards them. She is allergic to chicken-based food, so she is currently on a beef-based dog food. She is spayed and potty trained. Please email or call Tucker at 865-254-6098 if you would like to meet Duchess. [Posted 03/6/2020]
More pictures of Duchess.


If you're looking for a big dog with a big heart and big personality to match, Spike is the dog for you! He is a 3-year-old, 80-pound dog who loves dog park outings, going on car rides, and playing with kids and adults alike. Spike does well with children and other animals--a great fit for families! He's quite the feisty conversation partner--he won't hesitate to speak up when he doesn't want to take a bath! His conversational qualities and body shape give the idea that he is a husky mix, although his head shape and coat are more indicative of a shepherd or doberman. He has a strong personality, but he takes a little while to warm up to new friends; once he does, though, you won't find a more vivacious and loyal friend out there. Spike's vaccines have been recently updated, and he will be neutered before going to his new home. If you are interested in meeting Spike, please call or email Breana at 865-469-9165 /, or call Stephen at 865-469-9166. [Posted 03/2/2020]
More pictures of Spike.


Loretta Lynn
Loretta Lynn is a gorgeous dilute tortoiseshell cat. Her fur is soft as silk and her purr is fabulous! She just finished all her veterinary care, which included a full dental cleaning with a few extractions. She is a healthy girl for her 7 years old. Loretta Lynn loves to cuddle and sleep with you in bed and she loves attention. While Loretta will tolerate a cat coming in her room, she really prefers not be bothered by other cats and would do best as a solo cat or living with dogs only. Loretta Lynn came from an outdoor life outside of a hotel. She is FIV-positive, but this doesn’t slow her down in the least. Her blood work is even purrfect! Loretta Lynn is looking for her furrever home where she can enjoy life to the fullest and has someone to appreciate her sweet and spunky personality. Dilute torti cats are the best! Please email if you are interested in Loretta Lynn. [Posted 10/22/2019]
More pictures of Loretta Lynn.


Penny, a sweet abandoned beagle, needs a home. She is up to date on shots, spayed, and is now on monthly heartworm preventative. She is currently on antibiotics for a tick-borne illness. She is 6-8 years old. Penny loves people and gets along well with other dogs, but she shows a little dislike toward larger female dogs. She is overweight but is slowly losing pounds since being put on a normal diet. She isn’t totally housetrained, so a good fenced yard is a must. This dog loves being indoors with you and sleeping on a big dog pillow next to your bed. Contact number is (865)599-9028. [Posted 09/21/2019]
More pictures of Penny.

Happy Tails -- Pets Adopted or Pending


Kage (pronounced Kah-Gay and means Shadow in Japanese) is a wonderfully affectionate kitten who is about 5 months old. Being pure black, his name is very fitting. Kage is very playful, but a little bit shy at first. When he tuckers himself out playing he will jump up on your chair, or the sofa, and curl up around your legs waiting for you to rub his ears, making him a great lap cat. Kage will also curl up right next to you during the night. He will also let you know when he wants affection by putting his nose in your ear and purring. He likes to know his human is close by when sleeping. Kage’s favorite things are: anything that moves on the floor, dinner time, the empty bathtub (he will crawl into the tub and lay there), and snuggling. Kage is current on all his vaccinations and has been neutered. [Posted 01/23/2020]
More pictures of Kage.


Elvis is a 4-year-old, male, neutered, handsome, orange-and-white boy. He is huge at 14 pounds and plays like a kitten. He loves feather toys and laser pointer! He also loves his wet food, thus he is a little rounder than when he came in to foster. He loves to cuddle and sleep with you whether in your lap or in bed. Elvis spent his early life as an outdoor Tom cat and during this time he picked up FIV. This doesn’t really change anything for him, other than that he should live indoors and have any infections treated quickly. Currently he is living with a young female cat who is FIV-negative, and they play like crazy! He is awesome in my opinion. [Posted 10/24/2019]
More pictures of Elvis.


Michael and Moose
Michael and Moose, yellow tabby cats, were rescued with two other kittens in December 2018, when their mother was hit by a car. Unfortunately she did not survive, but the kittens needed a nursing mother. Thankfully, the rescuer had one who allowed them to join in. They were neutered and vaccinated in April 2019, and they just turned one year old. They are loving kitties, living in a home with lots of rescue cats and dogs. They are crazy about dogs! These social and loving boys are in search of homes of their very own. They think foster care is for the birds at this point! [Posted 12/29/2019]
More pictures of Michael and Moose.


Waylon is a 2-year-old, male, neutered, flame-point Siamese. He is my subdued foster and about as cross-eyed as can be. He took a minute to come out of his shell but now rubs between my legs and wants attention. I can easily pick him up to hold him. He goes into "hide mode" and will get nervous when backed into a corner. He is a beautiful guy who does well with other cats. I suspect, once settled, he may turn into a lap cat. [Posted 10/24/2019]
Another picture of Waylon.


Seishin (pronounced Sigh-sheen and means Spirit in Japanese) is a boisterous and playful kitten. He appears to have Russian Blue in his bloodline and looks the part. Seishin will dance between your feet, chase anything you’re willing to throw, and pounce on his brother, Kage, at every opportunity. Seishin is very inquisitive and will dig his way into things to learn what’s there. He will run over, under, or around anything; will climb as high as he can get, and then will come and let you tell him how proud you are while you lavish him with petting and scratching behind his ears. Being as affectionate as he is, he loves to sit on you while you pet him, making him a great lap cat, and will also crawl into bed with you at night. His favorite things are: food, treats, and ping pong balls. Seishin is current on all his vaccinations and has been neutered. [Posted 01/23/2020]
More pictures of Seishin.

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